For women in fashion, you can never have enough shoes. Pairs after pairs, alongside the thriving sneaker-scene in our very own city, the men have had a taste of quality and they can’t get enough of it. While it’s admirable for many leading brands dipping their feet into the arena of footwear, there are those who either outshine the others or make an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Walkin’ On Air provides brands like Duke & Dexter, Simmi Shoes and Faruq Sagin that you really can’t find anywhere else. Many may shy away from the price tag, but you can’t compromise with quality and design. This isn’t some half-thought excuse either. It’s the process of bypassing shipping and handling, while you can literally walk out of the shop with today’s in-trend shoes. Rightfully so, WOA caters not to the masses but to those who seek to up their style game in the savviest way possible.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself within a budget, but for slightly higher goals and style quotients, one must invest in pairs of shoes that will last you for many seasons to come. And that happens to be the number one takeaway from the entire experience: it’s the ability to flatter your entire wardrobe with possibly the most important accessory. Slowly but surely, WOA will evolve from a niche-market store to an outlet that carries the best and the most stylish brands you never heard of or wish was available in Bangladesh. It’s difficult at times to create an identity in the influx of trend-setting stores; however, WOA is unique to its core. It’s not about exclusivity; it’s about ushering a higher standard of versatility to your closet, compliments of Walkin’ On Air.

Matte continues to churn out fine footwear like any other leading brand found in Europe except you can actually afford these shoes without spending your entire pay cheque. Matte has been blurring the lines of differentiating their own lines and stitching compared to the more popular shoes of high-end designers. And let’s not forget the incredible comfort control produced in each pair. Not only are you looking ridiculously stylish, you can rest your tired feet in a pair throughout the day without too much to complain about. The meticulous planning in quality and attention to detail is subtle but present. Its understated elegance for men’s footwear is brilliantly balanced by a pair or two in the collection that demand attention without presenting itself to be too loud.


From ease and comfort, they have a wonderful understanding of what is seasonal, functional and stylish. Even their most comfortable and casual pair of men’s shoes is upgraded to a semi-formal appearance. Each pair can produce a dozen looks based on what you have in your closet, no matter the season.



Mahmood Hossain is Assistant Editor at ICE Today. He has a passion for film, the love of fashion and is a social media MVP. Follow him: @moodyvintage