How did it start and how has the experience been so far?

 Our company started,it is funny to say, according to a classic American start-up scenario. A bunch of friends, specialists in their areas, decide to work in a team to create some change in the world. That was exactly the case.The foundation of our company was formed by a director, who had been shooting movies and TV-shows for Russian television channels; a film producer, who got tired of similar projects, which were made only for money but not in search of something new and decent; a professional top-model, who had always known that she can and wants to make a difference in this sphere. They all could have kept dreaming, if an experienced manager wouldn’t have been around, being sure that together they could embody all their dreams. As time passed, the team kept growing and more importantly, getting better. Obviously, our company had its ups and downs. Now, entering a promising Bangladeshi market, having a rich experience, we are confident in our ability to contribute to such an interesting and promising market, as one of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

What brings your company to Bangladesh? Do you think the local market has enough potential to compete with global fashion and model management industry?

Bangladesh is an amazing country with amazing people. When we came here for the first time, we were astonished by the local spirit and atmosphere, beauty of its nature and the kind-hearted people. We were connected to Bangladesh for the first time by a Russian multi-profile construction JSC Institute Orgenergostroy, which is taking part in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh – NPP “Ruppur”. We shot a series of videos for Orgenergostroy about the course of nuclear power plant construction, about the achievements of the company and about the local spirit for the Russian specialists going to Bangladesh on business trips.

We will not hide from you the fact that Russian staff members were cautious about working here, but we want to hope that we managed to depict the beauty of the country, which we could see with our own eyes.

Gradually, our interests expanded and we started to work with local companies and now we are developing various fashion projects, with which we succeeded in Russia. Speaking about the local market, it is not on the frontier of the global fashion industry, but we are sure that Bangladesh has everything to compete with international fashion market players.

There is a proverb in Russian, which can be translated as,“Moscow was not built at once.” It means that everything is good in its time and the way this time is used depends on us. That is why, as it has previously been said, we are sure that we will be able to contribute to the development of the Bangladeshi fashion industry.

Model management is still a very new concept here. What are the most important factors for running a successful agency?

 It is true that model management industry is very young in Bangladesh. Experience shows that having the right approach one can do many things, and founding a successful agency is not an exception. Peopleare what we value most in our company. That is why we are happy to work in Bangladesh, where the main thing we found was talented people and their desire to work, make progress and take part in novel, interesting and creative projects.

Nowadays, everything necessary for an agency is available for purchase: technical equipment, studio, clothes and everything else, but talent is not. That is the reason why our company values people whom it works with: staff, partners, colleagues. All they makethe company’s philosophy, with the help of which we have been successfully developing for almost five years already, and now entering a new market.

Do you have such kind experiences in other countries?

 There is no wonder that our work experience deals with Europe and Russia, as our company and the members of the team are from this country. Here we learnt from our mistakes, progressed, worked on various projects in cooperation with companies of different sizes and status. Now we keep working in Russia and Europe, developing on the Bengali market at the same time. We are already about to implement projects for several big clients we are working with now in Bangladesh. We cannot reveal the details, of course, due to confidentiality reasons, but we can say that these are large and well-known companies. There is no doubt, that everyone will like the results.