We get it! It’s difficult to wrap your head around absolutely anything when you’re on your period. You’re angry, perhaps in immense pain and wondering what are you being punished for! But it doesn’t have to be this bad. All you need to do is take the right initiatives and make the right choices to ease the tough times. And to make the seven days go by if not easy, then smoothly without having to worry about leakage and comfort, let’s start with:

Picking the right product

There are a plenty of options to sift through when it comes to choosing a sanitary napkin. Joya Sanitary Napkin’s smart channels ensures no leakage and their 5X thin pads make sure you stay comfortable and confident during your menstruation.

Contain the reek

It can be an uncomfortable experience for women during menstruation. And matters are made worse by accompanying odors. Joya Sanitary Napkins are equipped with an antibacterial chip which promotes health benefits, such as antibacterial properties and relieving menstrual odor.

Rid the rash

Apart from the loss of blood, another bane of menstruation is the infamous rash caused from wearing pads. Sanitary napkins have chemicals that can aggravate your sensitive skin causing it to break out into painfully itchy bumps. And wet pads add to the problem. Joya Sanitary Napkins are highly absorbent, which helps lock away moisture; their cotton soft top cover helps keep you dry and prevents your skin from irritation and inflammation.

Change frequently

It is commonplace to opt for two pads during heavy flow. While this is a good precautionary measure, you often run the risk of forgetting to change and in turn compromise the health of your skin. Eliminate the need to bulk up protection by wearing Joya Ultra Comfort Wings. Its modern and innovative technique helps prevent leakage. And make sure you do your due diligence by changing frequently to curb any unwarranted skin flare-ups. You can also add topical cream to your hygiene regiment for extra measure.

Wash up

A gentle reminder. It is imperative that you take the correct steps to maintain your own hygiene. Wash yourself regularly and thoroughly to prevent bacteria build-up. Joya Sanitary Napkin’s innovative antibacterial chip lends a helping hand in keeping the bacteria away and also kills off the unnecessary germs.

Store them properly

While you’re on the go, it is important to be prepared. Carry your extra sanitary napkins properly in a clean pouch or paper bag. Changing regularly is important, but it is also important to make sure that your product is stored properly so that it doesn’t get contaminated. Contaminated pads may lead to UTIs. Store them properly, and stay healthy while maintaining your hygiene.

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