As the much-awaited Veere di Wedding is just a few weeks away. The trailer was released a couple of days back and we couldn’t help but watch the trailer of the #NotAChickFlick on loop. The four main characters manage to entertain us every single time and are all interesting in their own way. We bet each one reminds you of at least one of your friends!

The indecisive one

 These are the friends who go through life by being unsure about what to do. Whether it’s being confused about marriage or what to wear to the next office party, this girl is just like Kareena’s character Kalindi.

I bet this friend will be unsure about opening this article as well

The serious scholar

 We all have this person in our groups. The one who wears glasses and is busy on a computer looking for the next degree she can apply. The best part of this character portrayed by Sonam Kapoor is that she makes time to look fashionable despite being crazy busy with work.

Out of all your friends, she actually has her act together tbh

The laid-back one

This friend, just like Swara Bhaskar’s character, is the one who always prefers to enjoy the good things in life and tries not to worry about the hard decisions.

These friends have this amazing ability to not let anything bother them

Miss vocal

Just like Shikha Talsania’s character, this is the one friend who never hesitates to speak her mind no matter what the consequences are. She has her views and not scared to let the world know about it.

You can never mess with her and expect to get away with it



Nusaira Hassan

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