Maintaining personal hygiene during Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us and with it the excitement of fasting, sehri, iftaar and Eid shopping. But in the midst of fasting for almost 15 hours a day, we may lose track of some crucial personal hygiene habits and engage in unhealthy behavior we wouldn’t normally do.

Don’t spit on roads

Not eating anything for over 12 hours makes a lot of us want to spit. But doing so is not just against civic sense but also a sure-fire way of spreading diseases.

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Not Brushing in the morning

Choosing to brush your teeth only during Sehri and not in the morning after getting out of bed will cause lead to embarrassment due to bad breath and possible dental issues.

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Brushing your teeth does not break your fast so don’t hesitate to clean them pearly whites

Fish or milk-based dishes are always welcome, let alone during iftar. But do keep in mind that these tend to cause bad breath as they are broken down in mouth, so do brush your teeth if you are having baked fish or firni in iftar.

Forgetting to wash hands before iftar

With Dhaka’s traffic and tight schedules, most of us end up at the iftar table just seconds before the Azan starts. So, it’s no surprise that we may forget to wash our hands. Not only is it dangerous to our health, it can make us sick enough to miss the remaining days

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It is absolutely vital to wash hands before eating

Eating the wrong kind of food

After a long day of fasting, its natural to be inclined towards decadently delicious food that is not necessarily healthy. So, even if you much on that brownie, don’t forget to eat fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water

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It is not always a wise idea to meet our cravings


Nusaira Hassan

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