What’s it that I hear you say? You want to shave off your beard to save yourself from the added heat this summer? Well then, allow me to debunk a myth which has been circulating in and out of a million other minds lately. Beards won’t turn your face into a boiling furnace but will add the much-needed cooling by retaining sweat and moisture. They’ll even fan your face every time a gentle breeze caresses your beavers. How can anybody want to possibly get rid of them? These are God sent!

Sporting them will not only mean that you’re carrying around a natural coolant but also help you look sharp, unless you maintain them like Kit Harrington (pardon me, King in the North). Maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard is a work of art and requires some effort. To make life easier, follow these four tips to make sure your beard looks suave.

Use beard shampoo

Yes, you read that right! Don’t treat your beard in the same way you treat your hair. Washing and conditioning your beard with regular shampoo will strip them of their natural oils because they contain sulphates. Beard shampoos work with the natural oils, not against them, making sure that they aren’t left dry, coarse and unmanageable. Percy Nobleman’s Beard Wash, which can be easily purchased online from Astelon’s website or their showroom in Sobhanbag, can be your go-to hair product. Having said that, do not shampoo your facial hair more than twice a week.

Keep them hydrated

You MUST apply beard oil and beard balm right after you’ve washed your beard, as it helps in replenishing those oils.

If you’re looking to buy beard oils, try out Daari’s Musky Mint (Tk 550; Facebook.com/daaribd), which is made from natural ingredients and gives off a strong scent. By visiting their online page on Facebook and owning their elixir of beard oil, you can flaunt a healthy looking beard all day, every day.

Invest in a beard comb/brush

It’s rather easy to be siding with every beard’s worst enemy, split-ends, by purchasing a cheap comb. These combs are compressed in a press and therefore, have rough edges. On the other hand, owning an expensive beard comb will cause less irritation in the skin and prevent split-ends as these combs are individually sawed cut and hand polished, running through the beard smoothly and swiftly.

Your stubbles only require a brush which doesn’t go deep into the beard and brushes through the top; this is exactly what you can achieve with a beard brush.

Eat healthy

Being made from protein and fat in addition to vitamins, your beard requires a constant dose of milk, egg yolks, lean meat and green vegetables. Just in the same way as a child learns the basic etiquette and manners from home, you’ll grow a healthy and strong beard only if you nurture it like one, which can be done by eating healthy.


Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh