Once in a while, we ladies tend to go for a major change; and nothing comforts us more than getting a complete makeover. And it all starts with our mane. From getting it snipped to having it colored, we certainly love experimenting with our tresses. However, with hair roots being delicate, constantly hop-skipping from one style to the next might not sit well with them. Moreover, the dyeing job might not even look all that great if you don’t give your hair the TLC it needs. So, without further ado, we bring to you few simple steps to nourishing your hair in order to avoid ruining your hair from coloring.

DON’T treat yo’self

You just put your hair through a chemical process when you colored it in the first place. If you’re thinking about giving yourself a hair mask treatment, we’d like to stop you right there. Be it a dandruff shampoo or a hair fall one, it can seriously mess up your colored locks. You should also take five steps backwards, from even getting an oil treatment, as it can strip your hair off its color pigments. For the time being, your best bet would be to leave the hair untouched, in order for the color to shine through.

Say no to chemicals

Want to make sure your hair looks straight out of a L’oreal Paris commercial? Here’s an advice: take a break from hairspray or styling products with alcohol. Using hair products on freshly coloured hair has a big fat NOPE written on it because the chemicals in these products open up the cuticle causing the colour to slip out, which in turn, causes to fading.

Beat the heat

Blow-drying isn’t the only thing that will put your newly colored hair on the fritz; leave it to a straightener and curling iron to do the trick. Long periods of high heat styling will not only damage it but also make it look dull and lifeless.  When you color your hair, it goes through bleaching, which is basically the initial step towards vulnerability. The least you could do is cut back on the heat till your color settles in completely.

Wait for a while till you wash your hair


Waiting to wash your hair a day or two after coloring might feel like forever, but there’s a reason the wait is worth it.  According to Tina Outen, Founder of Tina Did It Salon in New York City, one shouldn’t wash their hair in the first 48 hours after coloring.  The first day after you’ve colored your hair, the dye slowly seeps into the natural pigments of your hair and settles overnight. By the second day, it strengthens and the pigments lock themselves together. So washing it will result in lifting the color right out of your hair!

By Sarah Khan