Uttara university students take a stand against rape

The news of a Uttara University student allegedly sexually harassed in a running “Turag” bus broke social media on Saturday. As heartbreaking as it sounds, in recent times, finding such news on our news feed has become a common occurrence but what ensued after the event was truly amazing.

The incident sparked fury among students

On Saturday afternoon, a female student boarded the bus from Badda Link road and the bus staff stopped taking in more passengers after that. When the student got suspicious and tried to get off the bus, the staff stopped her from doing so and shut the door. They then proceeded to grab her but luckily the student somehow managed to kick one of the culprits and jump off the bus. However she injured her legs in the process. 


Students protested the incident through various posters and banners

The incident sparked fury among Uttara University students. Hundreds of students of  protested the incident in front of the BNS centre in Uttara by seizing the keys of 40 buses of “Turag Paribahan”. They refused to give back the keys until the owners agree to take actions against the culprits. They made a list of six such demands that the owners will need to fulfill if they want their vehicles to be released. 

The student wanted owners of the bus to make sure the culprits are arrested alongside a few other demands to be fulfilled

The students successfully took a stand against rape and sexual harassment as the culprits were taken into custody. Some much needed positive news and hopefully this will inspire more people to take a stand against sexual harassment.