The Circle of Life

The news of some of our favourite celebrities passing away has indeed made us upset but with the end of one life comes the beginning of a new one and many of our favourite celebrities also gave birth to their young ones this week.  

We want to pay a tribute to the great souls who might have left this earth but will forever live in our hearts.

Tim Berling aka Avicii (September 8, 1989- April 20, 2018)

His music brought everyone joy and happiness and will forever continue to do so. Avicii once said, “When I die, I wan’t people to remember me for the life I live, not the money I make.” and that’s exactly what we’ll remember him for. 

Verne Troyer (January 1, 1969-April 21, 2018)

The comedian was known the most for his iconic role of ‘Mini me’ in the Austin Power franchise. An extremely caring individual who loved to make people smile, he will live forever through our screens.

Bruno Samartino ( October 1935-April 18, 2018)

Most of us aren’t old enough to remember him but Bruno Samartino was actually the first wrestling superstar and also the longest reigning WWE champion (known back then as the WWWF). He held the title for over 11 years! (4,040 days)

And we also wanted to celebrate the tiny precious souls who have graced us with their presence 

The new Prince: 

The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, the wife of Prince William gave birth to the newest addition of the Royal family yesterday. Their newborn son becomes the fifth in line of the British throne joining Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

Tiana Gia Johnson 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s wife has given birth to their second daughter (Rock’s little pebble!) Tiana Gia Johnson. Everyone’s favourite Hollywood superstar and former wrestler posted this heartwarming photo on Instagram.