Sugarchoo, the latest tea sensation in town has been creating a lot of buzzes lately. Despite being only a month old, it has already begun to win hearts with its array of drinks that are both alluring to look at and also highly palatable at the same time. With temperatures expected to be as high 37 degrees this Saturday, Sugarchoo will be the best place for you to beat the heat and quench your thirst while also having a great time. We have listed the 5 must-try dirnks!

(From Left to Right)

Blueberry juice: Sumptuous flavour, the fruity undertone gives a delightful aftertaste which lingers long after you’ve had it.

Dark chocolate ice tea: The dark chocolate nuances give it a rich, bold and decadent flavour, perfect drink to start your morning with.

Fly high: An energy induced tea that will give you a rush of blood to the head. It has Red Bull in it, so don’t be surprised if you grow a pair of wings.

Blueberry smoothie: Dessert in a cup. Rich texture, creamy, smooth and topped off with blueberry sauce. Simply divine.

Superfruit tea: Hands down your drink for the summer. Extremely refreshing with an exciting flavour pattern which is worth exploring.

Visit them at Shop 552/555, 4th Floor, Police Plaza Concord, Hatir Jheel Link Road, Gulshan 1, Dhaka. Also drop a like at Sugarchoo to stay updated with what they are up to!

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.