Gourmet meals on wheels: Introducing the Northern Bistro

The Nothern Bistro is redefining the food cart culture of Dhaka. Located in Sector-3 Uttara, near the Freind’s Club field, it has been creating a lot of buzz through their sublime gourmet dishes. 

Speaking to the creative mind behind this brilliant idea, Anasua Chowdhury, we got to learn about her passion for cooking and her inspiration behind starting this cart. “I have been selling food through Cookups and getting good response so I decided to start a food cart. I’m taking baby steps now and the cart is my first step and I plan to turn this into a restaurant and create a brand.”, Anasua added. Anasua runs the cart with her friend and business partner Mushfiq Hasan. 

Burrito and fries is the new thing!

The standout dishes of their exciting menu are the Stiggy Bomb Chicken and Burrito Bangladesh. “We use fries instead of rice in our burrito and the Stiggy Bomb chicken is marinated with a secret marination making them standout from the rest.” 

They also have a tasty selection of drinks to go with their food

It’s safe to say that this little cart can very well turn into the next big thing as it is revolutionising the cart scene in Dhaka. If you live in Uttara then The Northern Bistro should most definitely be the next place you go to!

Visit their Facebook page to stay updated about their tasty creations.