The trailer of Mission: Impossible- Fallout is absolute bonkers!

For over two decades now Tom Cruise has been wowing us with his captivating performances in the Mission Impossible franchise. He is all set to take over our screens this summer yet again as the trailer for the sixth film of the installment, Mission: Impossible-Fallout was released during the superbowl.  Cruise returns as the iconic Ethan Hunt as Christopher McQuairrie becomes the first director to direct consecutive MI films. This would be the third collaboration between the actor and the director

The film follows the story of Hunt being pushed to the limits as he tries to fix the broken pieces of a terribly botched mission. The film will also feature the familiar faces of Simon Pegg, Rebecca Furguson Sean Farris and Alec Baldwin while the addition of Henry Cavill will come as a huge boost to an already star-studded film. After watching the trailer, we can’t help but feel excited to what will certainly be one of the blockbusters of the summer. So here are the top 5 things from Mission Impossible Fallout to look forward to.

High Speed Chases

Cars, bikes, speedboats, you name it! Mission Impossible always delivers. As if those weren’t already enough, they added helicopters to the mix!

Bound to give you an adrenaline rush

Death Defying Stunts

The franchise is no stranger to danger and neither is Tom Cruise as he continues to defy death with hair-raising stunts

We can never get enough of Tom Cruise trying to defy the Grim Reaper

Fist fight galore

What can be expected of a man who has repeatedly been betrayed? Expect Cruise to clean the house with his bare hands.

Do we get to see Tom Cruise take on Superman?

Henry Cavill

It would be exciting to see how Henry Cavill does in this movie especially after a compelling performance in Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Looks like Cavill will be sporting his trademark moustache as well

Explosions in the skies

In what was arguably the most exciting scene in the trailer, we see Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill battling it out in the skies. Now whether they were allies or foes remains unclear but what’s clear is the fact that we can hardly wait for the film to be released.

Whether it’s on the land or in the sky, Ethan Hunt will always step up to the challenge

You can catch the trailer here:

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