Body Balance 7/11 will exemplify the way we perceive fitness

In the age of technology, social media has made it easy for everyone to gain access to fitness videos through platforms like YouTube. Yet, more often than not, people see little or no results through such tutorials. This is because according to MD Nisaed, “Although YouTube is a great platform it does not do a proper job at differentiating exercises for beginners and experts. Most of the time, they are all the same. One other crucial factor is while watching videos on YouTube, we don’t get a view from all angles so we end up doing the moves wrong”. Nisaed is a trainer in Body Balance 7/11, the newest and most revolutionary gym in Dhaka City.

The newest and most revolutionary gym in Dhaka has all the state of the art equipment to give you amazing results in a short period of time

Located in the heart of Gulshan-1, Body Balance 7/11, is the first premium medical fitness centre in Bangladesh. In order to get a better idea we also spoke to Aminul Islam Nayeem, another trainer of the gym who provided us with some valuable insight. “Before clients can join our facility, we run bio-scans on them and do a full body checkup. We speak to our doctors, physiologists and nutritionists and based on their advice and our assessment techniques; we choose a suitable set of exercise for our clients. We want to ensure that they receive the most effective and enriching experience while achieving desired results as early as possible.” There have been many cases where clients get injured in the gym because of regimes that are too strenuous for them. There have also been instances where people with diabetes or asthma struggled to find suitable routines. Body Balance 7/11 seeks to put an end to such problems with their medical facilities.

Body balance takes a more scientific approach to help you gain your fitness goals

They plan to do so while maintaining an efficient and wholesome environment. “We keep an eye on each of our members and if we notice anyone getting frustrated or stressed out, we try to comfort and motivate them to relieve some of the pressure. We want to create an uplifting surrounding where we can help everyone make both physical and mental progress. We try not to overburden them while also ensuring that they maintain a certain rate of progress”, Nisaed added. Their routines range from cardio and lifting all the way to yoga and aerobics with full trainer support. Aside from that, they also have other attractive features like sauna and steam bath, complimentary lockers and even a juice bar! Membership fees start from Tk 7000; so if you are looking for a place that will help you reach your fitness goals step by step, look no further!

Body Balance not only offers its members state of the art equipment but also access to sauna, steam bath and also a juice bar!

Photographs by Eivan Shardar

Irfan Aziz

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