The Bengali Beauty is all set to redefine classic love stories

The trailer of Bengali Beauty has been released and it has us all hyped up for a trip down memory lane on Valentine’s Day. A period romantic comedy-drama, it takes us back to the 70’s and tells us the tale of a girl who develops a connection with a RJ through his voice. Adapting the style of a Vietnam-esque war film, there’s so much to look forward to and here are 5 reasons why you should be excited for Bengali Beauty.

1. It tells us about love before technology existed

Okay, radio technically falls under technology but Bengali Beauty is a refreshing change from the facebook messages and tinder-culture we are used to these days.

Source: YouTube

2. It is rich in history

It paints a picture of what life was like in Dhaka back in the 70’s. From life during in a war-torn Bangladesh to retro outfits, it will be a good watch for the younger generation.

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3. It is aesthetically pleasing

Given our love for minimalism all things retro, this film is bound to grab our attentions. Given the popularity of Stranger Things for its retro theme, it is nice to see that our film industry is trying to implement this trend.

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4. It is bold and rebellious

It is no secret that the 70’s was the era of rebels and badasses and this is evident through our RJ friend who spreads his messages regardless of whether anyone else likes it or not.

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“Apni cyclone, apni torpedo, apni bidrohi”, words that send chills down our spines.

5. The soundtrack

The soundtrack is as pleasing as the film itself with shades of the 70’s in them. All in all this would be a pretty intriguing watch for people of all ages and generations.

Source: YouTube

You can catch the trailer here:

Irfan Aziz

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