10 things that WILL change once you are married

After an overwhelming wedding experience, as the couple returns to their normal lives (the one that is entirely different now), they might take time to get the hang of it being unsure of what comes next.

However, if you know what to expect it wouldn’t take you by a storm and allows you to start on a positive note.

1. Exhaustion

After the whole exhausting marital process, even after a honeymoon, the couples often get exhausted and overwhelmed by the chronicles of events and changes. Take it slow and absorb all in rather than worrying over trivial details.

2. A New Family
All of a sudden you are going to be surrounded by a family that you aren’t accustomed to. Their eating sleeping and family habits may feel like a complete roller coaster ride. Hence try to find middle grounds when you can and slowly ease into it. 

3. Being Uncomfortable
As couples the newlyweds may not instantly be comfortable with each others’ presence. It might take you a while to get used to living with your partner and sharing your personal space with them. Let them in slowly and but always set your personal boundaries beforehand (your Facebook password should be kept off limits)

4. Me Time
As newlyweds, spending time with yourself is a luxury you barely have. Your me time turns into ‘our time’ when your partner becomes your better half.

5. Being Responsible
As cliché as it may sound, but taking responsibilities are one of the most evident changes that one would feel. Being prepared to walk an extra mile will help you to take it slow and steady.

6. Saving up

If you wish to get a place of your own, you need to start planning for it from the very beginning. Saving up and managing each other’s account will ensure equal contribution towards your mutual interest.

7. Cutting Slack
‘The just married’ often expect a lot from each other but due to the lack of understanding, they often end up upsetting the other half unintentionally. Cut your partner some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt that can help you being compassionate and empathic to each other to build a transparent relationship.

8. Freedom for Both

After marriage, girls often get the freedom of not having their parents watching over their shoulder at all times, whereas the men may feel otherwise. Trying not to cage your other half would liberate your relationship and would rather help the other to grow a sense of belonging to the newly bonded relationship.

9. You before Me
When married, you may sometimes need to consider your better half’s happiness before yours. Prioritising your better half over slight inconveniences can be the key to an ideal partnership.

10. Disagreements
Disagreements among the newlyweds are like the first glimpse of clouds on a sunny day. Respecting each other and valuing your partner’s opinion will help you mitigate the issues and refrain from affecting your peace and harmony.