In this day and age, it has become quiet difficult to even identify who’s real and who’s not- so identifying fake makeup products is a whole new level of work. As commendable as the makers of the fake beauty products are for pulling a great replica lineup of products, there are still some loopholes that will tell the difference between a knock off and the real product.

1. Packaging


The first thing to keep an eye on is the packaging. Most counterfeit products are very different than the real product in size, colour of the box and material of the packaging. For example, a real MAC compact has a smooth edge and round body. Whereas, a fake MAC compact will have sharpe edges and very light wight than the origional one.

2. Font


Most of the brands have their fonts trademarked. So the inauthentic makeup suppliers go round about the fonts to make them look as real as possible. Some may have smaller font size or the colour of the design and fonts might differ from the real one. Keep your eyes open!

3. Shade names don’t match

Shade names don’t match

So you saw the blood red shade ‘Diva’ from MAC online and fell in love with the lipstick. But when you went to buy the product in your local shop, the ‘Diva’ color that the shopkeeper shows is dark brown. No matter how many times he tries to convince you that this is the ‘latest shade’ don’t trust him. That my friend, is a Fake product.

4. A tempting price

A tempting price

The most eye opening clue is the price of the product. If some seller shows you the 4000 tk worth Morph 35F eyeshadow palette and says, ‘Sudhu apnar jonno 800 tk’ then run as fast as you can. That is 100%  not what you want.

5. The smell of the product

The smell of the product

A real Huda matte lipstick has a fruity smell. So if the lipstick has a very medicinal smell then it needs to be tossed into the bin. If you’re still not sure, then we would recommend contacting the Makeup company directly, and ask them for all the details including the ingredients of the product. Just simply go to their website and contact them.