5 wearable gadgets to keep your workout game strong

Technology has progressed at an unbelievable rate. Today, we have access to gadgets which were nothing but a mere dream 20 years ago. Gadgets are becoming more portable and user-friendly with time, so much so that they are wearable these days. These wearable technologies perfectly complement our fitness goals with their wide variety of features starting from monitoring your heart rate, counting your steps to keeping track of your calorie intake. Here are 5 wearable gadgets which have changed the fitness game for us:

Xiaomi Mi Band 2


Starting off the list with the simplest one, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is the perfect piece of technology for people who have just started their quest to be fit. Extremely stylish and slick, it can carry out functions such as monitoring your heart rate and counting your steps. It can also predict your sleep pattern and tell you whether or not you are getting enough sleep. One of its neatest features is that it can also remind you to go for daily runs and sends you signals if you have been sitting idle for too long. It is a must have for those who need a little push.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset


This is a pair of earphones so advanced that it can monitor your heartbeat and also set up suitable fitness regime for you while playing your favourite music to keep you pumped up. It has a built-in precision biometric heart rate monitor coupled with the Jabra sport life app, that ensures the best workout experience and helps you reach your fitness goals swiftly and efficiently. It also provides you with feedback through your very own personalised audio coaching. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your earphones breaking free.

Huawei Talk Band B3


This cutting edge technology is a piece of beauty. A slight upgrade from the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, this can act as both a fitness band and a Bluetooth headset. Whichever you prefer! Furthermore, it has various modes starting from run to walk to climb and keeps track of your activity accordingly. It also boasts of being water resistantand comes with a gorilla glass. As a cherry on top, the band has an array of other features which includes a tracker which finds your phone if you misplace it.

FitBit Blaze Smart-watch


It is a watch dedicated to keeping fit and developed by one of the best fitness tech companies in the world. Supremely stylish, this smart watch can do just about anything to help you get in shape starting from workout tutorials, sports tracking and managing cardio fitness level. It can also set up your workout goals for you and give you summaries and reports to show how far you have progressed. Considering the wide range of features, it is an absolute bargain!

Lumo Lift


Lumo Lift monitors your body posture by sending you signals through vibration even when you are sitting incorrectly. No need to be cautious about your posture all the time because the gadget is there to do it for you. Although not available in any of the local stores, it can be ordered from Amazon through various Facebook pages like Shopr or even backpackbang.com

Irfan Aziz

Irfan Aziz is a Sub Editor of ICE Today magazine. He is a pug enthusiast who loves looking at memes, writing and sketching.