Princess Diana’s gorgeous gowns sparkled like a thousand stars and lighted up the 20th century’s fashion. It was Catherine Walker’s exquisite craftsmenship that made the Princess look like a million dollars. Let’s have a look at her new arrivals; these babies are sure to make your jaws drop!

Floretta Evening Dress

Look like a budding flower in this gorgeous ensemble

This floral printed georgette dress with a delicate cape effect at the back will make you feel like a queen.


You’re bound to look a class apart in this stunning champagne silk gown

Remember Hamlet’s beautiful beloved Ophelia? You’ll be no less than a Shakespearean heroine in this champagne silk gown with beautiful embroidery.


Slip into this indigo gown with the unique embellishment and make a few heads turn

For a glorious party, put on this indigo woven fabric gown embellished with ink blue handmade flowers; all eyes will be on you for the night.


A bright green dress adorned in vibrant rooster feathers goes to show a new level of creativity

Look radiant in this green silk velvet evening dress with hand-made iridescent rooster feathers.


Bored of your workwear? Why not tweak it up a notch?

This perfectly tailored coat in white looks stunning when paired with this wide swing skirt. Who knew workwear could look this stylish?


Sadia Arfina

Sadia Arfina Momo is working as an intern in Ice Today. She is currently a student of BRAC University and enjoys writing articles and features.