We bring you some iconic jewellery pieces from the online store A Book Of Dreams that just scream Bangladesh and its culture.

This silver ring with a vibrant face hints at how Bangladeshi women love to adorn themselves with fancy jewellery
A Book Of Dreams presents to you the Honourable Queen, straight from the Mughal Empire. Put it on and slay, like the woman on it.
Rickshaws are one of the oldest heritage that still exist and we wish would never diminish. After seeing tons of T-shirts, kurtis and even kameezes with rickshaws printed on them,it’s time we had jewellery made too. Wear this to show your Dhaka pride!
Feeling a little edgy? Try this one. The typical Bangladeshi village girl is portrayed wearing big jewellery pieces and has exaggerated features. Interesting, eh?

These two pieces speak of a traditional Bangladeshi bride, eyes full of affection and anticipation.

The prices range from Tk 350 – 500.  All the products are available at facebook/abookofdreams2016

Naabila Riaj

Naabila Riaj completed her Bachelors in Marketing from the University of Dhaka. She is the big Harry Potter fan and is a foodie in disguise.