Reinforcing the company’s commitment to Bangladesh, James Quincey, Chairman & CEO of The Coca-Cola Company on his maiden visit to Bangladesh, announced the economic empowerment of 100,000 women by 2020. He also announced an additional investment of USD 200 Million by the Coca-Cola system in Bangladesh over the next 5 years.

Coca-Cola is committed to grow its business in Bangladesh in a sustainable manner and this includes understanding and aligning with the country’s priorities. In 2015, Coca-Cola brought 5by20 to life in Bangladesh by launching the first Women Business Centers (WBC). The WBC is a unique model that supports rural Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs by proving skill development and financial assistance support. These facilities, run by women, were developed to address common barriers women entrepreneurs face by providing access to business skills training, market information, agriculture training, mobile banking assistance, healthcare counselling, mentoring and networking opportunities. Each WBC provides training, goods and services to hundreds of women throughout their communities.

“We have an enduring belief that our business is only as sustainable as the communities in which we operate, that means for our business to grow sustainably, our communities must grow also”-says Chairman & CEO James Quincey.

As of now 240 WBCs/ Sub centres are operating and empowering over 70,000 women across Bangladesh. By the end of 2020, over 100,000 Bangladeshi women and their families will benefit from the Women Business Centres. The project currently is active in Jamalpur, Khulna and Bagerhat Districts in the Northwest and Southwest of Bangladesh.
James Quincey arrived in Dhaka this morning. His first-ever visit to Bangladesh reflects the Coca-Cola Company’s continued commitment to the nation. Coca-Cola has been refreshing Bangladesh for over 5 decades and the company is incredibly optimistic about the future in this beautiful and dynamic country. Coca-Cola is also one of the key business partners of leading food and beverage companies locally and the combined contribution to the overall economy is substantial. The Coca-Cola system has invested over 100 million USD in the past years and plans to invest another 200 million USD in the next 5 years in Bangladesh.

Affirms an additional investment of 200 million USD in Bangladesh over the next 5 years

The concept of sustainable development is at the heart of The Coca-Cola Company and the way it does business. The company has continuously been striving to create lasting positive impacts in the communities it proudly serves.

Coca Cola is committed to strengthening the community in Bangladesh through various programs, such as ‘Every Drop Matters’ and WASH, both of which help to provide water, sanitation, hygiene as well as rainwater harvesting projects in schools across the country. Also, the company is working hard toward a clean and pollution-free ocean across the world. In Bangladesh, they have been contributing to the coastal cleanup and marine conservation of St Martin’s Island for past 9 years as part of company’s global commitment to creating a “World Without Waste” by 2030.

T. Krishna Kumar, President, India & Southeast Asia, Coca-Cola Company, Stacy Lynn Apter, executive Assistance to the CEO, Manuel ‘Manolo’ Arroyo, Chief Marketing Officer & Group President, Asia Pacific, Marcelo Boffi, President & Bottling Investments Group And Deputy group president Asia Pacific, Sundeep Bajora, Vice President, South West Asia Operations, Ishteyaque Amjad, Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola India & South Asia & Ajay Bathija, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Company were also present at the event.