Fun, flirty and fabulous, Tanjia Zaman Methela’s a rare gem in the glamourous world of modelling. Having graced the ramp, billboards and televisions, Methela certainly knows how to work it! Here are few things you might want to know about the diva

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The first thing I do is check Facebook!

Check out Methela’s dreamy looks in Mansha’s ethereal ensembles 

Describe your personal style in one sentence
It should be comfortable.

What was your funniest memory on the runway?
None at all; walking on the runway is a serious moment, so even when there’s something funny, I hardly acknowledge it!

Methela looks like an epitome of deshi beauty in this saree

What do you think about when you’re in front of the camera?
I know my eyes are very beautiful so I try to use it to interact with the camera to the fullest.

How do you deal with criticism?
If people are criticising me, then I must be doing something right! I love them and am always grateful to them.

What’s the hardest part about being a model?
The timing! Sometimes I may even have to work till late midnight, which can be quite a challenge for me.

Methela sporting her Adidas wear and kicks like a boss

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I would love to see myself as a successful interior designer. I love modelling yet in my heart I know modelling is ephemeral. I may even give it up at a point; whatever I do here, I want it to be memorable.

What’s your fitness regime?
I don’t restrict myself from eating; given the amount work I do, that normally it balances out. However, I do go to the gym three days a week; I’ve also taken up swimming for the other 3 days.

Methela strikes a pose with fellow model Samira Khan Mahi at the Aarong Fashion Show at Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel

Three tips you’d give to new comers in the modelling industry?
I would like to tell them not to settle for a low salary, just because they are not getting called in for work.  That gives a bad rep to their image as well as the industry they are working for. Later, after the bar is set, other models are also asked to work on that minimum pay scale. Secondly, be professional. And of course, be confident!

Your most favourite cheat day meal?
It may sound strange to you, but I love salads as opposed to ice-cream or chocolates!

No one can pull of a funky pair of sunnies better than the diva herself

Three local brands that you love wearing?
I must say, it’s Aarong. I like the fact that they are representing Bangladesh. Their collections are very beautiful and traditional as well. Shikor is very trendy and as I like to stay updated with friends, I love this too. Anokhi is another great brand.

What’s your go-to wear for an audition?
If it is for TV, then I like to wear traditional. Visually, it really matters who the audience is since mass people are very receptive of deshi wear.  If it’s for a photo shoot, I am more into sportswear.

What songs do you listen to when you’re stressed?
I love Coldplay songs. Their song ‘Sky Full of Stars’ always puts me to sleep because it’s so peaceful!

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“I love watching horror films the most, especially when I’m home alone. I really like testing myself to see if I can overcome my fears.”

Favourite pick up line from a Bollywood film?  
Shahrukh Khan’s “Kya pata. Kal Ho Na ho?

When would you decide to breakup with your boyfriend?
Relationship is a very serious thing. Just like a family, a relationship too should have some commitment in it. I get really disheartened to see relationships that crumble in a day or two. If you are in it, you should be serious about it.

Your favourite breakup song?
Someone Like You by Adele.

Top 3 summer holiday destinations
Maldives, Las Vegas and Greece.

The best way to spend your leisure time is…
Cycling or reading.

Featured Photo taken from Tanjia Zaman Methela’s Facebook profile, clicked by Rafiqul Islam Raf

Photo Source: facebook/tanjiazaman.methela

Nusrat Jahan Pritom is a journalist and drummer from Bangladesh. She calls herself Ninja Pritom due to her love for calisthenics