When Eye Speak

To uplift the festivity of Eid, we have assembled a special makeover spread for our readers.
Special gratitude to Prive’ Salon & Spa Ltd. and Ego Vision for teaming up with ICE to create these edgy yet sophisticated looks.
Ego Vision offers a wide variety of soft contact lenses from baby blue to ocean green thata help accentuate your natural eyes. Nahila Hedayet, makeup artist and owner at Prive’ Salon & Spa Ltd., renders her midas touch that will complement the colour of your lenses and make you photo ready.

By Raisa Rahim

Look 1

Brown is known to add warmth. To complement this earthy tone, grey and black eyeshadow are applied along the lids, highlighting the inner corners and brow bones with a shimmery beige shadow. The outer corner of the lids is deepened with black eye shadow while brown is blended along the crease to cancel out the harsh lines. Brown is also smudged across the lower lash line. White kohl is used along the lower water line to open up the eyes. Lastly, the lashes are coated with a thick layer of mascara.  The look is completed by adding a rosy pink lipstick and dusting the cheeks with the same coloured blush.
Look 2

For this look, a cream shadow is blended across the brow bones and inner corners. To bring out the pearl lenses, a grey shadow is applied across the lids, carefully blending along the crease leaving no harsh lines. A dark grey shadow is applied on the outer corner of the lid and along the lower lash line. Finally, a black eye liner is used to draw a subtle cat eye which complements the bold red lips.
Look 3

Ash Gray is one of Ego Vision’s unique collections. To play with the subtle gray tone, a blend of orange, yellow and black is added to create an ombre effect that resembles the magnificent sunset. With a brown shadow the harsh lines on the crease and the lower lash line are blended. A coating of mascara and black liner are added to finish the eyes. To soften the edgy eyes a little bit, a peachy pink lipstick and blush is applied.
Look 4

Baby blue might come off as a difficult eye colour to work with. To play with this unique colour, a shimmery beige shadow is applied on the lids. The crease and outer corners are blended with a rosy pink shadow, slightly deepening up the outer corner with a darker shade of brown. A black liner is used to draw a fine line across the upper lash line, extending it slightly. Black kohl is smudged across the lower lash lines. To highlight the brow bones a shimmery beige shadow is blended. The look is finished off with a fuchsia lip colour and blush.

Look 5

To bring out the beauty of the green lenses, a brown shadow is blended across the crease, with forest green shadow on the lids. The outer corner is deepened with a black shadow to add definition to the eyes. Cream eye shadow is blended across the brow bones and inner corners. For
this look, instead of using a black liner, a bronze shimmer liner is used to draw a cat eye. And finally, a bold orange-red lipstick is used to paint the lips.


Photographs: Sakib Muhtasim
Makeup & hair: Nahila Hedayet, Prive’ Salon & Spa Ltd
Contact Lenses: Ego Vision
Models: Maria, Risila, Joly (In no particular order)