Inspired by the recent Met Gala show, makeup artist Nazrul together with ICE Today gives you the vibes for the future

Monochrome Magic

Eyes: Base colour eye shadow is applied on the lids. White eyeliner is drawn from the inner corners along the creases, stopping at the midpoint. The white-eye liner is further drawn on the upper lash line extending out and along the inner lids. A fine line of black eyeliner is used to define the lids.
Cheeks: Sliver base shimmer is used on the upper cheekbones and beige tone blusher on cheeks.
Lips: Bronze lipstick is used on the pout.
Hair: The hair is pulled to the crown and secured into a bun.

The Dark Knight

Eyes: Silver eye shadow is applied below the brows and at the tips of the inner corners. Deep grey eyeshadow is blended across the lid. A coating of mascara is used on lashes.
Cheeks: Brown and beige blusher is blended across the cheeks.
Lips: Deep brown lipstick is applied on the lips.
Hair: The hair is parted at the centre and pulled towards the nape of the neck. It is then tied into a ponytail and twisted into a knot.

The Art of Gold

Eyes: Gold eyeshadow is used as highlighter below the brows. Black eye shadow is blended along the lids. Black eyeliner is used on upper and lower lash lines.
Forehead: Gold eyeshadow is applied across the forehead. Diamante stud tikkas are pasted to define the golden forehead.
Cheeks: Gold and beige blusher is used on the cheeks.
Lips: Natural tone lipstick with a touch of gloss is used on the lips.
Hair: Hair is parted onto the left and pulled to the back. It is braided in to an unstructured plait.

Model: Emily
Make up: Nazrul
Photographer: Riyad Ashraf