Brighter Than Sunshine

By Rubab Nayeem Khan 
Photograph by Kazi Mukul 

Having been in the beauty industry for more than decades, Bapon Rahman is the makeover extraordinaire at Divine Beauty Lounge. This month, we seek some summer friendly solutions from the expert himself to learn a technique or two on makeup which are easy on the eyes as well as our skin.
Makeup is a science, not a mask
For Bapon, beauty is something that you can carry. He says that if we follow the international trends and end up doing something that doesn’t go with our features, it does not qualify as beauty. “Currently, brown tones have been popular, along with highlighted lips and minimal eye makeup. I believe that while we’re following the global trends, we should focus on blending the makeup properly and contouring as per the person’s features,” he stresses.
Judgment call “A makeup artist must keep the clients facial features in mind and also be keen on blending the makeup thoroughly. We should try to stay true to our artistry as well,” claims Bapon. When it comes to convincing his clients about donning a look that brings out their features, Bapon, as a makeup artist has passed this test with flying colours. “When we apply makeup on someone it has to go with person’s face and their dress, for instance, a Lady Gaga inspired makeup wouldn’t go well with a sari,” he elaborates.
Go-to trends for Bangladeshi women Bapon points out that when it comes to bridal, the Pakistani look is one which we can follow, provided that the bride is wearing a lehenga. “The Pakistani eye makeup focuses on the ‘Moroccan or Egyptian eyes.’ However, if the girl wears a jamdani or benarasi sari, then we can go for a traditional look,” he explains. For a basic look, Bapon suggests that women can opt for the natural tones which are popular in Hollywood.
Let your skin breathe The expert urges that makeup will not be flawless unless the skin is taken care of. “It’s essential to scrub the face after removing the makeup. Also, one must use a cleanser that suits their skin,” he states. According to Bapon, women with oily skin should use an oil-free cleanser to get the best results. The ones who have dry skin can opt for cleansers made for men; if anyone has a combination of oily and dry skin, they will have to mix the two types. “Scrubbing cleans the pores which makes applying makeup easier. Since Bangladesh is a humid country, it’s key to apply one cube of ice on the face before putting makeup,” says Bapon. In addition to that, he also says that women can opt for long lasting makeup, which is available in the market. Apart from that, they can also purchase fixer powder or spray which helps keep makeup intact for long hours, so that the harsh rays of sun doesn’t affect their makeover.