Talk Of The Town

Talented model and Chairman of Paese Cosmetics, Regal Arman tells us why this new range of Polish makeup lives up to the hype

Photo by Ashraf Uddin Apu

Paese Cosmetics aims to create a land of beauty in Bangladesh. Inspired by this very thought, Regal decided to bring a range of good quality and affordable makeup. He felt that there was an increasing need for reasonably priced imported makeup. The makeup line, which recently launched in Dhaka, is already receiving a huge responce mainly due to the affordable pricing. “A product which would generally cost more than Tk850 is around Tk700, which makes their nail polish prices start only at Tk300,” reveals Regal. The country director’s aim was to reach out to the middle class as well as the upper class customers without them having to burn a hole in their pockets to buy these products.
Regal has already introduced Paese Cosmetics through its spectacular launch in May. In adition, television channels, radio, newspapers and magazines are platforms through which customers will find out more about this hot and happening makeup line in town.
The devoted director shares his view. “There are various items in this range that are pioneering in the Bangladeshi makeup community and therefore are must-haves for makeup enthusiasts.” Funky nail polishes accompanied by eye shadow base and even makeup base are just some of the products that Paese is offering. Not only that, Paese’s skincare range also stands out with its collection of various oils such as argan, baobab, inca inchi and tamanu oil that tend to our tired and aging skins. So don’t wait long – rush to your nearest Shwapno or Almas and check out this fantastic new collection of makeup and skincare today!