Realms of Memory: Bipasha Hayat’s Fourth Solo Exhibition

Since 2011, Bipasha has had four solo exhibitions other than the numerous joint ones she participated in. She always kept herself involved in colours and the canvas even though she was occupied with different ventures – this in turn made way for her first solo exhibition “Bhromi Bishshoye” in 2011. Her most recent effort “Realms of Memory” concluded on 29th August at the Bengal Art Lounge.
“I wanted to reinvent myself through art,” shared the painter. Bipasha never gave up art even with all the demanding toil she had to give to her acting career. She discovered that when she finally started work for her exhibition she had become a different person. There was a transformation. This, to her, was very normal – change is constant and inevitable. She took a decade long break from painting since completing her MFA from Fine Arts Institute of Dhaka University.
In contrast to when she is involved in acting or writing, Bipasha considers art to be a solo endeavour. She wanted to give voice and form to the inconceivable abstracts of this world’s reality. According to Bipasha, she always uses solid colours which she is trying to change. She experimented to see if she was able to communicate more openly with the canvas. Through trials, she tried out different textures and colours.
Her distinctive painting technique combines the application of colour while scratching selected parts of the painted surface. It’s a symbolic attempt to penetrate the essence of memory and to awake the feelings it contains. “The floating forms in my work reflect the broken particles of my memory,” Bipasha explains. “And the lines that separate them evoke my present existence. The canvas provides a space to relate to both the past and present and to connect with my basic emotions.”
Although at first she was discouraged by many to pursue art alongside acting, her passion for it was unwavering. She actively practised her craft throughout the years as well as keeping tabs on the happenings in the local as well as international art scenes. The struggle was real.