Editorial Section of September 2015

Praiseworthy successes in sectors like female education and women empowerment have led the path to our womenfolk contributing a commendable share to the development process of the country which can now aspire to become a middle-income nation. Then why do we still have to fear about our girls going out freely? Wandering by ourselves in the streets of Dhaka is no walk in the park when we know there may be danger lurking in the vicinity. Our natural response is to look away from the stares and ignore the cat calls, but “Am I being followed?” “Is my CNG going the right way?” and other such questions haunt us constantly and deep down our thoughts are always laced with fear.
Even after our very own Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, Sufia Kamal and many others fighting lifelong battles for women’s freedom, we still have to ask, how safe are we? This month in Cover Focus, ICE informs you on how to get your fill of self-defence lessons and bring out the fearless warrior inside you. Be it kickboxing, martial arts or fencing, pick your favourite defence classes. Further down, we visit the journey of miracle baby Suraiya and how the team of paediatric surgeons of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital gave her a new lease on life.
On a festive note, Eid ul Adha is back, and with that comes the influx of meat! On recipes, we have for you, classic English beef dishes that will wow your guests and pose as a refreshing change from the regular beef curry. Also, as part of this celebration, it is a great opportunity to put your loved ones on a pedestal. Flip to Word on the Street for a joyous surprise of goodie bag presents that your family will rave about for the rest of the year!
To add to the bling, ace your glam game with our fashion portfolio. The festive fusion runs a gamut of outfits ranging from embellished sarees to neutral gowns and panjabis. So take your pick and turn heads with elan!
Last but not least, go easy on the meat, and let the Eid vacation be a time to unwind, relax and reflect upon yourself. ICE Today wishes you all a happy, meaty Eid!