Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury looks into innovative ways of creating a drastic change this Eid without having to burn a hole in the pocket

Eid is the time when most people want to revamp everything! Be it a new attire, hair cut or even a new hair colour, everything usually gets a new look.
Eid holidays is the perfect time to deck up the home.
The guests will not only be looking at the new sari or panjabi you put on but also at the new kitchen sink or the granite table in the foyer. However, as most people misconstrue decorating need not necessarily be expensive. A little adjustment here and there may be able to change the entire look of the house with less stress on the pocket.
Here are a few ways to decorate the home front without spending too much!

Curtain raiser
Change the curtains and the entire look of the house will transform. Pick out bright colours to throw in a high spirited look. If you prefer a neutral pallete, a combination of black and white always does wonders. If you already have curtains in these colours then try changing the patterns. Colour-coordinate the throw pillows with either the bean bag or the rug and your living room transforms into a lively cozy corner.

Jewel it up
Add a trinket, centre-piece or a mural in a corner of your drawing room. It can be anything from an antique jewellery box to designer lamps or artworks which adds interest to the room.

Stylish silverware
Getting new cutlery is also an incredible idea. Choose the products based on what you want to serve the guests when they come over. Persian designs look great for Mughal food and steel products are good for Chinese.

Nature loving
If you have a small veranda and you don’t get much time to look after it, this is the right time to revive its look as they are not meant for plants only. You can get plastic grass mats for the floors to create a garden atmosphere. One option could be to add lots of wind chimes at the top and synchronise it with hanging pots and plants. This change will bring you rave reviews!

Whatever alterations you make, a home will only be complete when it is cosy. So make sure whatever you do it fits your lifestyle and you are comfortable with the change.