A Neat Job

Drowning in endless preparations for Eid? Nahid Tabassum makes a checklist before the festivities come knocking at your door


As the moon begins to wane at the beginning of Ramadan, revamping the house starts in full swing. Shopping is inevitable this month, but stuffing your cupboard and clogging the room is never the solution. Rearranging can be done tactfully to save you from perpetual hard work and unpleasant embarrassment. The hacks may be old or new, yet they are effective in making your homes cozy and ambient for Eid.

Less is more The less crowded your place is the more room you have to highlight the hand-crafted corner table or that gorgeous glass lamp. Keeping that in mind, first make a list of furniture that is hampering the décor of your room. Discard them and clean out those corners. Imagine the cozy setting you want to live in – this will motivate you to discard unnecessary things without feeling guilty. Old newspapers, magazines, useless utensils, worn out clothes or curtains, a broken frame or that hideous chair should be given away without any remorse.

What goes around may come around
If you keep outdated furniture and clothes assuming that the archaic might find its way back, then you are occupying space that can be used for a better purpose. Cupboards get cluttered easily, so it’s best to pull out old papers, books, discard them and keep only the important items stacked up in front.

Make room
The month long Ramadan ropes in tonnes of leftovers inside your refrigerator. As a myriad of items will be prepared on Eid, you should unclog your refrigerator beforehand to get rid of the stench from the bits and pieces of last week’s iftar. Also boxes are better alternatives to bowls to make space in the fridge.

Hygiene comes first
The loo should always look as good, if not better, than the other rooms. A messy washroom is an instant put-off and will take away from the lavishly decorated drawing room. Empty bottles of shampoo, old toothbrushes, and wet towels are unflattering and will leave a clumsy impression.

Some gadgets must go
Be it your beloved deceased sound system or that ancient mixer/ juicer – if it does not work it should find its way to the trashcan. The abandoned PS2 or your first ever bought phone are only collecting dust and cobwebs and need to move out now! This may take a while so it’s best to start ahead of time. Minimalistic interior looks great and keeps things clutter-free as well.

This Eid put things in proper order that will earn you appreciation and admiration from your circle of family and friends. Have a neat one!