After many countless hours of gruelling work, piles of paperwork, followed by the daunting traffic jams of Dhaka, an escape is always welcome. Perhaps a scenic gondola excursion through Venice or a walk through the tranquil vineyards of Tuscany would help us unwind. A weekend getaway to the numerous awe-inspiring wonders of Italy may not be plausible but an authentic taste can be found in this hectic capital. George’s La Dolce Vita in Banani offers some and more. As you walk into George’s La Dolce Vita, the décor transports you to a winery in Tuscany with a combination of modern art deco. The ambience, lighting and jazz music make the restaurant more of an experience than just a meal.

Lasagna Pizza
A scrumptious pizza of Bolognese, béchamel, ricotta, made from scratch, and mozzarella cheese; the pizza here is a harmonious combination of crispy, doughy and meaty. There are many layers to this pizza for all pizza lovers. Its charred edges give it a smoky taste. Given that the sauce has a definitive flavour of Italian spice and tomato, creating a splendid balance with the lightness of the cheese.

Spaghetti in Polpette
For those, who are searching for a full-bodied, filling meal; one is instantly drawn to the pasta, which, again, is homemade. The ragu sauce is thick, which goes perfectly well with the tender meatballs. The meatballs are cooked to perfection with Italian herbs, basil, parsley and lemon zest. The earthy flavours is quintessentially associated with a comforting weekend dinner. The ragu sauce is extremely hearty and welcoming compared to the canned sauces one would find in their pasta dishes at most Italian restaurants in Dhaka. 

Insalata Di Caesar
This robust salad, which is a mix of arugula leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and garlic croutons is complemented with a homemade Caesar dressing. The salad has a definitive, almost pungent flavour and a slight bite due to the seeds. If the taste of arugula and sun-dried tomato is overbearing, then you can opt for romaine lettuce and fresh tomatoes. The vegetables have a crunch as if they have just been picked from the garden.

Steak Scottato
In a city where medium-rare seems to be a term that is either misconstrued or simply a foreign language, one can get a properly cooked rib-eye steak at George’s. The steak is seared with a beautiful char on the outside, while retaining a juicy pink inside. With a dash of salt and pepper from the shaker at the table, it is a welcome meal with the ever synonymous smashed fries (because what’s steak without some sort of golden potatoes) and impeccably roasted vegetable compote. Cutting into this succulent steak is as tender as ending that arduous work week.
Many favor a taste of the ocean and George’s offers a variation of seafood that is innovative and sparsely seen in Dhaka. The quiche is a pastry, filled with an egg cream mix, which is flavoured with vegetables and seafood. It is an ideal bite of something flaky and soft with the creamy egg retaining their fluffy texture.

The carrot-heaven cake
Those who are seeking an earthy and nutty flavor should definitely dig into this one. The blend of spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are not overbearing and the cream cheese frosting complements these flavours without being overly sweet.
The red-velvet cake skyscraper
A tall, moist cake with six layers of cream cheese in every layer makes this a dream of a dessert. With so many places offering the red velvet, George’s La Dolce Vita’s skyscraper makes a sweet statement that will have you back for more.
Perfection cake
This heavenly vanilla cake with indulgently rich chocolate ganache, made from high quality chocolate (Lucerne), gives it a velvety texture.
Arnold Palmer
Given the wide variety of flavours, this mix of iced tea, lemonade and slight trace of mint is most welcome with any meal. It is both refreshing and palate cleansing.

The triple chocolate cookies
Little goodies of moist chocolate heaven with morsels of gooey chocolate in every bite, this lethal combo of chocolate on chocolate will stun you. These cookies are for the ultimate chocolate lovers, who can handle a heavy dose of pure cocoa.


If a meal seems rather heavy, they also offer North End quality coffee, lattes and cappuccino. For a taste of Italy or as authentically distinct as the Pisa, George’s La Dolce Vita is as luxurious as the name itself.