The world is facing a dire situation due to the Covid-19 outbreak and Bangladesh is also not free from it. Many people have died because of coronavirus and millions of people have got infected by it. This is undoubtedly the biggest crisis of this century.

As the vaccine of this disease hasn’t been invented yet all we can do is to maintain social distance to keep everyone safe. Having this thought in mind the government of Bangladesh started a nationwide lockdown since 26 March. But people need to have food, ration and other supplies to live.

Besides, many of the residents in Dhaka live on their own with minimal or no cooking skills at all. Some of them couldn’t leave the town due to lack of transportation. Others got stuck with work from home. Amid this situation what will they do?

To save them from their miseries and help the people in this crisis many of the food delivery chains like Uber Eats come upfront and are helping customers get not only their desired food items from available restaurants but also purchase grocery items without moving outside. So, now people can buy daily essential goods from home maintaining social distance and prevent the spread of Covid-19. Customers can order anything necessary like rice, vegetables, meat, fish, cooking essentials, fruits, etc.