foodpanda introduces own grocery private label range ‘bright’

Leading online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has introduced its own private label ‘bright’, allowing customers to shop for an expanded selection of groceries online available exclusively in all pandamart stores across Bangladesh.

 The newly launched ‘bright’ offers over 200 items under two sub-brands: ‘brightfarms’ for fresh produce and ‘brightyums’  for pantry staples, ready-to-eat meals, snacks and beverages.

‘bright’ products are procured directly from suppliers, resulting in cost efficiencies that enable items to be priced competitively with non-house branded products. With bright, customers can enjoy high-quality products at affordable prices at any time of the day – conveniently delivered within an hour.

“By collaborating directly with suppliers, we ensure that our customers across Bangladesh receive the best value without compromising on quality. With bright, we’re not just delivering groceries; we’re enhancing the everyday shopping experience.,” said Mohammad Tabrej Khan, Director, q-commerce, foodpanda Bangladesh.

The ‘brightproduct range follows the successful introduction of foodpanda’s house brand offerings on pandamart, which debuted as brightfields in 2021. Product offerings started with whole spices and lentils,  and have since been expanded to cover a wider range of products.