Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy Launches Teenage Life Skill Academy

Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy, the leading soft skill training company, proudly announces the inauguration of the Life Skill Academy—a pioneering initiative designed to empower Bangladeshi teenagers with vital life skills essential for personal and professional growth.

The Teenage Life Skill Academy is a mission aimed at addressing the unique needs of teenagers aged 13 to 18. Recognizing the untapped potential of Bangladeshi youth and the absence of proper guidance, the academy offers a diverse range of courses designed to foster holistic development.

Key Courses at Teenage Life Skill Academy:

• Psychometric Test & Career Guidance: Nurturing informed career decisions.
• Public Speaking: Building confidence in effective communication.
• Social Skills: Enhancing interpersonal relationships.
• Social Media Awareness: Fostering responsible digital citizenship.
• Managing Emotions: Cultivating emotional intelligence for well-being.
• Self Defense: Empowering with practical self-defense techniques.
• Money Management: Instilling financial literacy for a secure future.

Founder Ghulam Sumdany Don’s Vision:

Founder Ghulam Sumdany Don emphasized, “Bangladeshi teenagers possess immense potential but often lack guidance. When we provide guidance to adults, it can be challenging for them to adapt. However, by guiding them from their teenage years, we can mold them into leaders of the future.”

Launch Details:

The Teenage Life Skill Academy is set to commence its first batch from January 2024. Our class schedule will be:

Friday (In Person) 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


3:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Offering two convenient time slots!
And, Tuesday (Online) 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

During the inception and the closing, the attendance of the parents are mandatory as this will enable to gauge the progress of how their teen was before the course and after the course. Teenagers are invited to join this transformative journey at the Teenage Life Skill Academy, where the commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the essential tools for success.

For enrollment and further information, please visit: or

Contact: Arna Devroy of Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy at: 01897711537