Sky is the Limit

Catching up with Nahid & Methila

The prestigious British Bangladesh Fashion & Lifestyle Awards 2022 organised by the British Bangladesh Fashion Council was held on December 3, 2022 in London. Nibir Ahmed Nahid and Tangia Zaman Methila were awarded Best International Model (Male and Female) respectively.

Photograph: Rafiqul Islam Raf


How much does the award mean to you?

 Nibir Adnan Nahid

Well, in the Bangladeshi fashion/Media industry we hardly have categories for fashion model Awards, on that point definitely winning an award in London is a huge achievement for me. It is often difficult for Bangladeshi models to make a mark or establish themselves in the international arena. It is an absolute honour to represent Bangladesh on the global stage!

What have been the most memorable moments of your modelling career so far and why?

 Nibir Adnan Nahid

I have been working in the fashion industry for 12 years so I have had several memorable moments. One of the proudest moments of my career has been working with the world-renowned brand Bvlgari. I had worked with several international brands before this, but this was special as I always wanted to work with such a huge brand. Another highlight was in 2018 when I was ranked 22nd in Buzzfeed’s 2018 article called ‘23 Stunning South Asian Men That Are Too Gorgeous For Words.’ The list also featured Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Rampal.


Photograph: Rony Rezaul

You have won this award the same year that you have participated in Paris Fashion Week. How much do these international recognitions mean to you?

Tangia Zaman Methila

Winning this award is definitely a big achievement for me. I was nominated alongside Azim Uddula, Nibir Adnan Nahid and Shirin Akter Shela. I would have loved it if I could have collected the award in person, but unfortunately I could not make it despite my best efforts.

I have been modelling for 10 years, and from the beginning of my career, I have always wanted to walk in Paris Fashion Week. I was at the top of my list of career goals. Thus, when I came back to Bangladesh after Paris Fashion Week, I felt ecstatic and content knowing that all my hard work had paid off and I had just achieved something that would stay with me for the rest of my life. 

What advice do you have for aspiring models in Bangladesh?

Tangia Zaman Methila

Hard work pays off. Be passionate about your work, if you work for it, you can achieve it.