Watch Out!

The new  Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is a device designed to read you. With fitness tracking, body composition, and more, Galaxy Watch5 is your companion on your journey to a healthier you.

Having a busy schedule sometimes means we sacrifice fitting in the dedicated time needed for our health. However, it is now possible to keep tabs on your health even when you are stuck in abysmal Dhaka traffic. If you are looking for an Android Smartwatch that will aid you in your health and wellness journey while remaining a stylish accessory, your search ends with the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch5. 

Monitoring the health of your body is easier than ever with this smartwatch, which takes readings from your body 24/7, even while sleeping. One of the features of this smartwatch is sleep tracking. The Advanced Sleep Coaching analyses the user’s sleep patterns and creates a customised 5-week program with helpful tips for better sleep. The watch’s Bioactive Sensors detect and show the user’s health ratings. The BioActive Sensor IC gets closer to the user’s skin, thus getting more accurate readings for the heart rate. At the same time, the Bioelectrical Impedance Sensor reads body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, basal metabolic rate, and more. Furthermore, the watch’s Auto Workout Tracking Feature automatically recognises when the user is carrying out popular physical activities such as running and swimming. The user can also manually track different forms of exercise, from intense weight lifting to more relaxing yoga. Easily use the watch throughout the day, as it has a long-lasting battery life and fast charging. It has a magnetic wireless charging cable with a USB-C connector. 

The Watch5 is superior to older models due to the improved battery and the Sapphire crystal glass face that is 1.6 times stronger than the previous model, making it much more durable. The watch face is a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 9:9 aspect ratio. The watch is also water-resistant, so it can be used all the time, even when swimming. In addition, the user can easily connect the Watch5 to their Google account to use Google Maps and Youtube, browse the internet, ask for help from Bixby or Google Assistant, and make calls. The watch can be customised however one’s heart desires. The user has a wide selection of watch faces from which to choose: analogue or digital, vintage or modern, colourful or chic. The bands can also be easily swapped when the user wants to try a different colour. 

Model: Emon, Ayesha

Device: Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Wardrobe: O2

Photographer: Kaushik Iqbal

Makeover: Himen

Art Direction: Jason Dhali