Driven by a desire to disrupt, ISHO is the precursor of contemporary home decor in Bangladesh. It has inspired an aesthetic that is comfortable and welcoming instead of being cluttered and dark.




Perhaps what makes the brand so unique in Bangladesh’s furniture market is its dedication to studying how people use their spaces, and its commitment to enhancing those spaces according to individual needs. ISHO deviates from the convention of merely selling furniture and has transformed it to an immersive experience through their studio services and designs. Whether you’re moving into a new flat or buying a new house, ISHO Design Studio is here to help decorate your space and bring your interior to life.

With a promise to deliver a complete interior solution, ISHO Design Studio provides end-to-end architecture and interior design project solutions – created by you, curated by its experts. From conceptualisation to delivery, ISHO executes the design of your dreams in a perfect balance of aesthetics and efficiency.
The entire process is carefully curated in four easy steps: concept, drawings, procurement, and implementation. ISHO ensures complete transparency in each step. Through ISHO Design Studio’s all-encompassing and interactive website, you get access to monitor project progress – from the billing information and project timeframe to overall budgets. A range of attractive packages is bound to let you pick the best solution for your abode.
ISHO Design Studio is a testament to the vision that has enabled the brand to create the benchmark for interior solutions in the country. ISHO has facilitated an ecosystem that makes unlocking the potential of space an enthralling experience.