This project has been initiated through Junior Chamber International Dhaka Uptown Collaborating with The Help project. The project is named as Komol (কমল).There will be 5000 packets of sanitary pads distributed to the underprivileged humankind by raising a handsome amount of fund for the people . There will also be menstrual hygiene workshops for educating the underprivileged genders about the insights of Menstrual Hygiene.

The females and transgenders will be supported for three(3) months with a set of Menstrual Hygiene Products from Pee Safe Bangladesh. The well known and popular company Glamshow is the title sponsor of the project who will be supporting the project with the maximum donation for this project and Karotoa Green Ltd. which has been honoured with the Powered By title as they are also supporting the project.



‘Your success comes from Allah’. 
‘It’s not about the numbers you earn, but the number of lives that changes positively through your support’

Raisa Naser Khan
Founder, Glamshow & The Help Project


The founder of Glamshow Ms. Raisa Naser Khan stated that being the community founder of
The Help Project”, she has been planning on various projects of sustainable development goals that is set by the United Nation which shall be initiated and can be done with Junior Chamber International Dhaka Uptown. When the idea was approached to the local President of Junior Chamber International Dhaka Uptown (Rezwanur Rahman). Their project ideas and vision matched, they started executing this project from September 2021.

Raisa Naser Khan stated, we are not only doing this campaign for the underprivileged ladies but also the underprivileged transgenders who menstruate as we were not taught in school about this, but the research team along with the chairperson of committees from JCI Dhaka Uptown (Tanha Tanjin, Mehreen Kashfi Maliha, Hasin Bin Hanif & Naimul Kader Antar)
has created a wider scope of research and development about this concept which made us learn a lot more new things and how crucial is the topic of Female Hygiene and it’s awareness.




I believe, a leader is nothing without it’s troop. Together we can bring peace and overcome any battle.
Rezwanur Rahman
(Local President, Junior Chamber International Dhaka Uptown)


The “Local President” (Rezwanur Rahman) who is a young and dynamic Entrepreneur involved with many sectors of businesses came forward to this project pleasantly and with many thoughts to bring a change.
He expressed, As JCI Dhaka Uptown has always been promoting gender equality, quality education and many other Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nation, it has been a great opportunity for us to step forward in this project. I believe in equality and justice.
In today’s generation, we have seen such young and dynamic ladies working with exceptional cases when it comes to gender equality, quality education etc. If a woman gets justice on harassment or any other issue a man or even a transgender gets justice too. We have a consistent vision to work with the crucial subjects that needs to be developed in our country. Today, if we do not step forward for such cases, who will ?
The project will continue till the end of this month followed by distributing to the dense unprivileged areas of Dhaka as well as few districts outside the Dhaka . Following to that. there will be online and offline Female Hygiene workshops done to educate them. Many people from different sectors are working actively and coming forward for this project. And Utmost gratitude to Glamshow, Karotoa Green ltd., Pee Safe Bangladesh and to all the contributors who stepped forward for this Project. We believe together, we can make a change for a better tomorrow.