Nusrat Faria’s latest dance track has set the mood for the festive season




The undisputed Queen of Bangladesh’s film industry is back with another hit dance number. Having already made a mark for her acting, Nusrat Faria has regularly released songs that captivated her fans in the country and in West Bengal. Starting with ‘Pataka’ three years ago, she released hit singles like ‘Ami Thakte Chai’ last year, which has crossed 17 million views to date.

This year, her new song ‘Habibi’ promises to become an even bigger hit. Interestingly, it was initially supposed to be a soft-romantic track, but a certain verse of the song inspired her to turn it into a it a dance track. Released on November 7, the song was shot at a palace in Mumbai. Faria had to put extra effort into the video as she juggled between work and her LLB exam. She had to start working on the song at least twenty days before the first shoot and had to deal with the constant pressure to look a certain way. On top of that, she had to prepare for her third-year final exams which took place on 15th October, just a day after the shooting of the song ended.

Therefore, she had to juggle between classes and prepare for the exam while rehearsing for the song for up to 5-6 hours a day. Recalling the experience, Faria confided, “I was cranky, feeling low most of the time because the pressure of perfecting my work was getting to me. A lot of blood, sweat ad tears have gone into this performance, but at the end of the day, you will only see 3.10 seconds of all that hard work. Least to say, these three weeks of my life will be unforgettable. I hope ‘Habibi’ will help everyone end the year with a real dhamaka!”