Selina Nusrat becomes Bangladesh’s first fashion designer to be showcased at the Femina Virtual Bridal Show



Fashion is poetry; poetry knitted into an essence of individual expression. Inspired by picturesque waterfalls, Chantilly by Selina Nusrat poetically crafted its latest fashion collection, De’esse De La Cascade. On the 30th and 31st of October, the collection was presented in Femina’s Virtual Bridal show. The event explored the diverse scopes of Bridal Fashion and Wellbeing in South-East Asia. Prominent fashion designers from India and Bangladesh were invited to this virtual event to showcase their bridal collection.
Chantilly specialises in unique designs that accentuate the beauty of modern-day women. Hence, Selina Nusrat blended the gleaming essence of waterfalls with the strength of femininity in De’esse De La Cascade. The colour palette of the collection depicts a woman’s free-spirited soul. It, in turn, reciprocates with the freedom and grace of cascading streams. Each colour holds a symbolic significance. The symphony of blue expresses the liberating spontaneity. Enchanting pink and peach depicts the captivating beauty and inner strength. The vigour of red and green delineates the calm yet luminous nature of the gorgeous wilderness. De’esse De La Cascade is an all-inclusive collection, starting from wedding attire, sophisticated dinner parties, and casual clothing. Chantilly exudes timeless fashion, styles that can never wear off.



The brand is well known for its complete hand-made and hand-finished works. Elegant detailing of intricate and bold patterns blended with rich colour patterns certainly reflects Chantilly’s collection. Selina accredits the brilliance of De’esse De La Cascade to her dynamic team. Chantilly made a milestone by expanding its reach to a foreign platform. Regarding her achievement, Selina Nusrat said, “Expanding our reach to Femina marks a new page in the history of Bangladesh’s Fashion industry. I feel incredibly blessed in being the first Bangladeshi fashion designer to get this wonderful platform to demonstrate my collection aside from several distinguished designers. This platform has opened doors to further opportunities for all the aspiring fashion designers of Bangladesh.”
Chantilly by Selina Nusrat stands out as a fashion brand. It crafts artistic symbolism, identifies it with the essence of womanhood, and installs them in its elegant designs. The impeccable artisanal craftsmanship is the key to providing classic designer wear. De’esse De La Cascade upholds sophistication, femininity, and uniqueness. Chantilly’s collections are highly recommended for everyone. It transcends art into unique pieces to express the beauty of womanhood.


Photographs: Courtesy of Selina Nusrat