In 2019, not many people in this country were aware of the concept of loungewear. So, in hopes of bridging that gap, Pinky Promise took the initiative to make pajama suits and kaftaans and how much comfort they bring to the table.

Fast forward two years, and not only is Pinky Promise a renowned for its consistent and unparalleled quality of chic esque kaftaans, but recently, it also took part in its first ever ramp show at the Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel, UK. Hosted by Eventorros Management, the motive of this fashion show was to put the Bangladeshi fashion industry on the map and to encourage the youth of Bangladesh living in the UK to include such foutfits to their wardrobe. The show also featured prominent brands like Naika, Aina Ghor, Naz Fashions and Women’s Wish.



The owner of Pinky Promise, Tazrain Binte Ishaque Nity expressed her gratitude towards the people who made this possible. “I am extremely grateful I am to everyone who helped me throughout the whole process, especially Ishita Jahan Farukee Chaity, who represented Pinky Promise by Nity on behalf of me, and her husband, Rusho Farukee, for his relentless support” she said, “and I’d also like to thank Tania Aly Khan for continuously pushing me and encouraging me to take part in such a big event in such short notice. She helped ensure that everything at the show went according to the plan and left no room for error. That is something I will cherish and remember forever.”



The past few months proved to be quite challenging for Nity, as she was suffering from a rhinitis attack. Despite the setback, she recovered properly and was ready to begin the next chapter by showcasing her designs at the event in the UK. “I had prepared some designs for a show that was supposed to be held at Le Meridien during the beginning of March, but due to the pandemic, the show was called off. Fortunately, that’s when Tania Apu (Tania Aly Khan) reached out to me and told me how she how impressed she was when she saw my designs at an event called Pitha Mela Uttshab. She then asked me if I was interested in showcasing some of my designs in the UK, and even though I was a bit hesitant at first, I quickly gathered the courage and agreed after she offered me her assistance and guidance. Since the designs I had made for the show at Le Meridien were yet to be displayed, I sent them over to the UK, and the rest was history.”



It was one for the books, indeed. The collection, ‘Ethnic Pret by Pinky Promise’ consisted of a color palette was rather soothing and most of the items were rather different compared to the ones that are created for our local clientele. The collection was met with a very positive response and sold out almost instantly. “I was overwhelmed when I heard that, and now I can’t wait to show everyone what I have in store for the future!” she said joyfully. “The fact that I was provided with unconditional love and support has me at a loss for words. I will forever be in Tania Apu’s debt for everything she did for me in order to make this possible.”



The future seems just as bright for Pinky Promise, as it plans on taking part in another event in the UK, this time for a Pohela Boishakh themed show in March next year. To maintain the newfound and growing fanbase in the UK, Pinky Promise hopes to implement the use of f-commerce. “Since the requirements are different there, I will be designing clothing items that will be more catered towards the people in the UK” explained Nity.

All in all, even though the best is yet to come, this event was truly a remarkable milestone for Pinky Promise and for Tazrian Binte Ishaque Nity.

Photographs: Courtesy of Tazrain Binte Ishaque Nity