Complement your lifestyle in blistering summer

The heat is rising dramatically. People are drinking cold water like thirsty travelers in a desert.

They also transform their diets and switch to food items to cool them down during the smoldering heat. People are more likely to purchase vegetables and fruits with high water content to help them hydrate their bodies. Many will even opt for seafood over any meat, as red meat and chicken contain fatty acid.

Summer is our go-to season for consuming an insane amount of ice cream, fresh juices, lemonade, and chilled water. And the current heat encourages us to consume more chilled food as it feels fantastic.

Thus, in these times, you need certain home appliances that will enhance your lifestyle, especially when you are already too stressed because of the heat and the pandemic. One essential appliance that will help you and your family easily navigate the summer is an innovative refrigerator with a large capacity.

Now, large capacity doesn’t mean that it will be a gigantic refrigerator – something that most of us don’t like as an enormous fridge spoils the home interior’s outlook. Innovative technology has allowed brands such as Samsung to create a slim refrigerator with plenty of room to store your weekly grocery conveniently. Large capacity with a Cabinet Fit design will help you install the fridge harmoniously into the existing kitchen interior and not worry about food getting spoiled.

When purchasing a refrigerator, certain features should always be given preference to, like No Frost, All-around Cooling, Humidity Control Vegetable Box, Power Cool and Power Freeze, Smart control, and Eco-Friendly.

Remember the times when you put a box of ice cream inside the freezer to cool it, and when you take it out to eat it, the ice cream has turned into a block of ice, and you have to fight with it. No Frost technology will circulate the air to maintain a constant temperature at every corner of the refrigerator, and it will also prevent the build of frost and ice. Now, you can simply relax and consume the ice cream normally.

No Frost technology also reaches the targeted temperature faster, raises the cooling system durability, and consumes less energy.

Purchasing more vegetables and fruits requires you to ensure that your refrigerator has an All- around Cooling system, or the food will get spoiled. The All-around Cooling system will monitor any temperature fluctuation while keeping it steady and ensuring that cold air is being blown through multiple vents to keep the food fresh for days.

Moreover, vegetables and fruits will stay fresh for a long time if a humidity control box is in the refrigerator. The Humidity Control Vegetable Box will continually adjust the moisture level to maintain optimal humidity by automatically opening and closing the vent to hold in or release moisture.

Power Cool and Power Freeze feature can be a lifesaver when you need instant ice and cold drinks, often during summer. The technology cools the beverages, firming up frozen food and making ice cubes 31% faster. The feature is fantastic when you want to consume the melted ice cream you just bought.

Moreover, the Digital Inverter Compressor will adjust cooling speed in 7 levels so that the fridge will consume less energy, which will ultimately keep the electricity bill steady. Furthermore, the Inverter will minimize noise and will reduce wear and tear for long-lasting performance.

Now, suppose you want a refrigerator with all these amazing features and more. In that case, you don’t have to worry too much because Samsung Bangladesh has already brought a Upright Refrigerator with all these outstanding features. The best part, the Inverter of the refrigerator comes with 10 years of warranty and you can purchase this for BDT 94,900.

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