A Bold Statement, Elegantly Delivered

Graceful and assertive, the Maserati Ghibli offers something very different in a world of grey, business-like conformity

The first Maserati Ghibli was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and unveiled at the Turin Motor Show of 1966. Giugiaro, then in his 20s, was considered a design prodigy — and rightly so. His creation, with its 2+2 fastback format, pop-up headlights and audacious shark-nosed profile, was an instant hit and today it is an automotive design icon. The latest Ghibli, the GranSport embodies the spirit that shaped both the first incarnation of 1966 and our hunger to innovate, compete and win. Today, that spirit expresses itself through exclusive luxury, elegant yet bold design, progressive technology and, of course, empowering performance

Graceful and assertive, the Maserati Ghibli offers something very different in a world of grey, business-like conformity. As you would expect of a luxury sports sedan, Ghibli delivers comfort and effortlessly intuitive technology, and race-bred performance. It has a graceful, four-door design, but also sporty character to it. It is a smooth, luxurious ride with razor-sharp, coupe-like handling. Such dynamic contrasts, for which the Maserati is renowned for, are a source of endless inspiration — whether you’re on the way to a conference or breaking free for the drive of a lifetime.

At first glance, Maserati Ghibli GranSport stands out with its elegant but sporty appearance. The Maserati Trident logo right in the centre along with the vertical slats that run on both sides. The section along with a gloss black trim piece enhances its muscular aesthetics. The DRLs are nicely integrated on the top section of the housing and you can see there are also more air inlets on both sides of the bumper along with some more gloss black trim pieces, so it has a very aggressive front end. The large centre grille with nice lines preserves the unique demeanour.

In the rear, the Ghibli has a nice dark finish along with a multi-spoke design. Behind the front tires, we have some functional heat extraction vents along with the Grand Sport badge down on the lower side and then we have body-coloured side mirrors along with the integrated turn signal and cameras as part of the 3D camera system. Concurrently, the rear end has LED tail lights along with a backup camera and parking sensors, you can see the s-batch on one side and then down below we have the quad-tip dual exhaust.
The interior of the Ghibli is, in essence, a clearly expressed invitation to travel in luxurious comfort and with an effortless command of the high power at your disposal. The cabin is characterized by an elegant Italian style, perfectly organised, generously proportioned design.

The leather-finished curves, the technical purity of the dashboard, and detailing in metallic-effect Dark Mirror trim simultaneously relax and heighten the senses. Two side panels converge toward an elegantly simple central structure that houses the traditional Maserati clock, with its blue face and aluminium detailing. Below rests a touchscreen infotainment system with rotary control, in addition to a convenient storage compartment for a mobile phone and accessories. In front of the driver, the large speedometer and rev counter are separated by a 7-inch TFT display that presents essential dynamic vehicle data.

Even with its head-turning, coupe-like proportions, the Ghibli offers ample front legroom, as well as comfortable head and leg space for rear passengers. All seats are covered in carefully selected, meticulously finished leather. In the finest tradition of Italian craftsmanship, they are stitched by hand, while the front headrests are embroidered or embossed with the Trident logo.

Nothing can match the exhilarating engine note of a Maserati, and the Ghibli delivers with high-capacity power. Designed by Maserati, the V6 is engineered to perform and sounds like no other engine in the world. A lightweight exhaust system with bypass valves ensures that the Ghibli’s voice is delivered to maximum effect. With Sport mode active which also sharpens the vehicle’s handling parameters, the valves open providing the shortest, highest-energy route for the exhaust gases. The result is optimized performance and that unmistakably resonant, spine-tingling sound.

The car also features some of the most advanced safety features in the world. With Blind Spot Alert (BSA), a warning icon appears in the door mirrors when a vehicle enters the driver’s blind spot. Three levels of support can be selected if the driver initiates a lane change: The system will maintain a visual alert in the door mirrors; the alert is supported by an acoustic warning, or the system intervenes with steering assistance. The intensity of this assistance is also adaptable according to preference.

Moreover, to assist with manoeuvring in tight spaces, the Ghibli comes equipped with parking sensors in the front and rear bumpers. Beeping noises increase in frequency as the obstacle approaches. Additionally, the TFT display at the centre of the instrument panel shows the car surrounded by symbols in green, yellow or red, depending on the distance. In addition, the rear-view camera shows what is behind the car on the infotainment screen. Dynamic gridlines illustrate the maximum width of the vehicle and its projected path, based on the steering angle of the front wheels.

The Maserati Ghibli GranSport is exclusively brought to Bangladesh by Continental Motors, one of the largest premium luxury car importers in Bangladesh. Continental Motors also possesses the necessary software, training and technical know-how to provide full-service support for the vehicles at their workshop. They are the only luxury high-end automobile importer in Bangladesh that provides a full warranty on all vehicles imported with complete technical capacity.