Sustainable Fashion : JATAREA – A JUTE STORY

Jatarea aims to bring back the golden days of the golden fibre
Photograph by EIvan Sardar

From fields stretched to the horizon to endless paddies turning gold. Lush green grass swaying in the wind and dancing in the monsoon rain. A natural delta, our land is blessed with some of the most fertile soil in the world and bounties of nature.

Bestowed upon us, is one of the finest gifts of nature; she grows in the fertile soil of the Ganges Delta, she brings smiles to the faces of a million farmers, the golden fibre of Bengal – Jute. A regenerative gold mine, turning dreams into reality for centuries.

The wonders of Jute are limitless, but above all, it is a sustainable resource. To make a better world, the use of ‘green’ resources is the most important step forward. With the goal to combine tradition and fashion together, with a focus on improving the lives of the people behind the craft, we embarked on our journey to sustainability with JATAREA by Moochie.

Born out of a desire to reclaim the heritage of Bangladesh, to revive the glory of the golden fibre, to take a step towards responsible living; JATAREA by Moochie from the house of Apex, is a philosophy rooted in tradition and an inspiration for sustainable fashion.

As the world moves towards more ethical consumption, towards a global ‘green’ economy, it is now more than ever that fashion needs sustainability at its core. Being traditionally used for decades, Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making it ideal for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

We source the natural fibre from the home to the best quality Jute, the Jat area of the sultry Ganges Delta, hence the name Jatarea. With the aim to recapture the lost tradition of Jute usage commercially and promoting its eco-friendly aspect for a sustainable lifestyle, through Jatarea by Moochie, the house of Apex brings an authentic collection of the versatile and stylish European favourite – Espadrilles.

Handmade by local artisans from the finest natural Jute material with elegant designs, each shoe is thoughtfully crafted to move you through life with style and ease. A blend of heritage in every weave, paving its way where tradition meets fashion.

Jatarea aims to bring back the golden days of the golden fibre. To enrich the lives of the marginalised producers for their relentless hard work, to ensure a sustainable lifestyle for our farmers and artisans and a sustainable future for you and for us. The fibre of the past is now the fibre of the future; because fashion may be fast, but it must be fair.
Jatarea by Moochie, is exclusively available at selected Apex stores.

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