In a conversation, Shahriar Choudhury, Director, GearX Bangladesh, one of the leading motorcycle safety accessories providers of Bangladesh, explicates how Moto safety and fashion come packed together, the importance of safety gear and the future of motorbiking industry in Bangladesh
GearX Bangladesh has been a pioneer in setting up the trend of safety standards in the country’s motorcycle community. How did the journey of GearX begin?

GearX Bangladesh decided to get into the motorcycle accessories business in 2018. With more than 15+ brands, we are currently the biggest distributor of motorcycle helmets and accessories in Bangladesh.

Since safety is the first and foremost aspect for any moto rider, what should be the minimum riding gear for inside city rides or the minimum gears for long rides?

Even though it is always preferred to have full safety gear while riding, it is not always possible inside the city. Since the human skull is the most important part of their body, keeping our head secured is important. So, a certified full-face helmet is always highly recommended for inside city rides. For highway full-face helmet, CE Approved jacket/body armor, CE approved riding pant/knee guard, and boot should be the minimum requirement.

What would you recommend as safety wear?

Any CE approved jacket, riding shoes and gloves with protectors is recommended. Currently, GearX Bangladesh offers CE Certified jackets, pants, and riding shoes from our own brand GearX Bangladesh and also from world-class USA brand ICON and from famous UK brand AKITO. Our customers can make a choice depending on their budget and preference. ECE-certified helmets should be the minimum certification on a helmet.

What are the additional accessories and services GearX is facilitating to the customers?

GearX also provides several expensive and affordable additional safety accessories. It includes ICON branded gloves which range from BDT 5,000- 10,000 BDT, and GearX Bangladesh branded gloves which will cost approx. BDT 2,500.

For riding jackets, ICON branded jacket that costs BDT 20,000 and GearX Bangladesh branded jacket that will cost approx. BDT 9,000. GearX branded jackets and gloves will be available in stores from April.
Currently, we are also offering a range of branded helmets including ICON, Suomy, KYT, Bilmola and ZEUS. SENA branded Bluetooth communicators.

Helmet Accessories, including Pinlock and Fogcity which will be directly imported from Pinlock Netherlands under the official agreement. Subsequently, GearX is providing Motorcycle performance items such as RCB & UMA Racing, Motorcycle performance air filter, which includes BMC & Ferrox and DID branded Motorcycle Chain. We also have plans to introduce 20+ more brands by 2021.

GearX is the undisputed champion on the after-sales service, which includes helmet cleaning champaign, EMI facilities, and the most importantly, accidental insurance worth up to BDT 60,000 and 5,000 BDT Covid-19 coverage.

How do you expect the motorbiking industry in Bangladesh to evolve in the coming years?

The motorcycle market in Bangladesh is growing at a tremendous rate, and riders are now more concerned about their safety, and they are expecting better brands and service. We are trying our best to fulfill all the requirements and services that they are expecting. A few years ago, we bikers had to look up to the European countries and other Asian countries for better brands, but now we do not have to.

The current motorcycle market is offering an abundant number of different types of products and features. We will work together with the bikers to fulfill all their desires and world-class customer service, which will create an example in the country.