Enshrining Excellence

ICE takes a peek inside the exquisite store of MUKTA, the new talk of the town.

Pearl universally symbolises elegance, romanticism and femininity;And thus, the name MUKTA, the bengali for “Pearl” perfectly encompasses the brand’s essence of celebrating the inner grace of women. MUKTA, the label was created with the desire to create collections based on beautiful concepts and to translate the aesthetics and emotions into tangible objects. Objects that act like puzzle pieces in the beginning but eventually that merge together to reveal a complete story. MUKTA thus tells the stories of personifying grace.


The READY-TO-WEAR section explores the world of fashion and believes in “Storytelling Through Fashion”. They offer a range of luxe products created meticulously that includes jewellery, blazer, dresses, trousers, skirts and blouses. HOMEWARE line MUKTA MAISON – “Romanticises with the art of storytelling, to create a world of elegant dwelling”. The range includes their lush scented candles as well as exquisite furniture and lighting. Finally, their skincare line MUKTA BEAUTY believes that the secret lies on focusing “Beauty from Within”. The range will be revealed in the mid of 2021.

The interior of the store as well as the debut collection is painted with the most appreciated hues of pearls – black, white and pink. Each of these colours signifying the characteristics that MUKTA wants to celebrate in women of today, The Maison’s branding not only borrows from the vibrant colour combinations of the gem, but pays homage to the birthplace. The exquisite shells, oyster as well as the coastlines are studied to extract the balanced volumes, curves and pleats to create unmistakeable motifs and symbols; which are eventually revered in the overall branding – in collections, interiors and identity.

2nd Floor, House 54, Banani 11, Dhaka, Bangladesh
For more information, please visit www.muktaofficial.com