Designer’s Diary – Simply Gorgeous

Multitalented Mousumi Kabir on her design inspiration and why JADA has been winning hearts of fashionistas around the country
By Ramisa Haque

Mother, designer and kickboxer –Mousumi Kabir is a whirlwind force to be reckonedwith. Her exclusive label, JADA, redefines fashion trends in its own right and is a perfectly-balanced concoction of simplicity and panache with hidden notes of vogue flair!
Aptly translating to mean, ‘simply gorgeous,’ JADA initially aspired to be a one-stop boutique as a bridal atelier. The idea was to glorify Bangladeshi artisans to local and international buyers alike and use our unmatched acumen and craftsmanship to stitch pieces so extraordinary that they would be coveted by any traditional bride-to-be, anywhere in the globe.

Caving in to economic demands though meant catering more and more to casual attires, a deviation JADA only saw as an opportunity. And, so, now, JADA prides itself as being a Bangladeshi couturier designing and delivering gowns and clothes for every celebratory occasion.

Fit to adorn any catalogue of ethnic haute couture issue, JADA’s casual line of clothes is sought-after and somber but still unique enough to catch the eye of even the most disinterested shopper.

Musing from everything around her, let it be nature or shapes, Mousumi Kabir is a creative patron with no inhibitions when it comes to her designs. Everything inspires her and a fearlessness in walking against the blazing trail is what guides her. Kabir is unapologetic in her raw take on fashion and this trait of hers is what sings through every masterpiece she creates. The key differentiating factor when put parallel to her contemporaries, Kabir dares to think the unthinkable and sketch the unimagined. A reason more than justifying why your wardrobe deserves a bold JADA addition and is simply suffering in silence without one!

When choosing a JADA of your own, you will find yourself perplexed at the options laying at your feet. Regal velvets, silky satins and imperial muslins are favorites of the label and any stitch laid upon them only seeks to glorify their majesty.

How, you ask?

Well, through blooming floral patterns, frills, interesting cutworks and hand embroidery. All very subtle in their individuality but all definite crowd-pleasers when pieced as one, epic whole!

The newest addition to the label, JADA’s potli bags are just divine. Embellished with zari and embroidery, these newbies are the ideal accessories to cement any ethnic look and be an enviable piece de resistance of your final outfit! Available in a variety of colours, potli bags are revered even internationally, thanks to its stand-out quality and ability to reflect the rich, cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent. JADA’s ones, in particular, reflect Bangladesh’s proud legacy held since time immemorial in the world of textile and fashion.
Not just the potli bags, every piece you’ll find at JADA is motivated to mirror this legacy. But Kabir thinks we can do more.

“Bangladesh has the best resources when it comes to clothes and fashion but we still have a long way to go when making the most out of this bounty. Take muslin, for example. Our artisans weave an incomparable quality of muslin, a fabric so beautiful, any design worked into it can give the best Indian or Pakistani couturier a run for their money. And, yet, we still see it as inferior to foreign fabrics,” she shares.

More than an unsung legacy of craftsmanship, what Kabir envisions will also see economic development for many in the country. “You see, the more attention Bangladeshi designers give to local and unacknowledged artisans, the more we can empower workers in garments. Seeing how most of these nameless, skilled artisans are women in remote areas of the country, the possibility of giving them the power to run their own households and a means to make a living, is all the more imperative. We can essentially eradicate poverty and positively affect millions of lives this way,” passionately connects Kabir.
When all’s said and done, you’ll find that Kabir is a visionary. As a mother, she seeks to be there for her son; as a designer, she wishes to make a difference for RMG workers in the country and, as a kickboxer, she hopes more women find authority and voice in their decisions. Kabir is already turning tides as a trailblazer and JADA is only the beginning of that change.

Photographer- Raihan Chowdhury Bappy