In admiration of Mustapha Khalid Palash, Rezaur Rahman lays the light on the man behind the fame, struggle, and sheer genius and enlightens us with the contents of a beautiful mind.

With painting in his genes, music as his leisure pursuit, and celebrity architect of Bangladesh, Mustapha Khalid Palash is a man of sincere expressions and a keen interest in all facets of science and arts.
In a country with a vast uninhabited city that has lost its ecological nature, the architect has curved the city with bold modern and inventive landmarks and won many local and international awards and accolades in recognition of his works.
Even though his aesthetics are derived from functionality and appropriateness in their primary forms, he is truly a modern man at heart. He worships both the depths of darkness and the flood of light. Astoundingly, all these reflect in this architecture, paintings, and all the other art forms he involves himself with.
His nobility is evident in the aesthetics of his architecture and abstract painting. As a composer, he immerses in creative meditation to produce music with his baritone voice and agonising high pitch tunes that pull you from the humdrum of life.
Palash seems to have a mind ahead of his time as a young brooder with a galaxy of creativity inside his head. Throughout his bloom, he faced the taste of harsh reality since the beginning of his professional career. However, he took hindrances as constructive initiatives and marched forward with a bigger picture to execute into reality.
He became an entrepreneur with his enormous capacity, and he resolved himself into a work plan extending his work sphere and marking the city’s major architectural corporate/ contemporary workplaces and hotels of Dhaka city.
The builder and the managing body of the enormous empire truly exercise the values of an efficient leader. He believes in partaking than commanding and leaves no stone unturned to meet people halfway, rewarding them unconditionally. Patience is another of his numerous strengths. Due to the glory of his infinite source of patience, his opponents no longer remain as opponents instead learn to appreciate his approaches towards accommodating his passion and work.
In a real sense, Musthapha Khalid Palash is the successful representation of the indomitable will of an honest man. For years, we have witnessed him making ideas and joy come alive, through his gritty ingenuity and consciousness of melody and art.
No wonder Mustapha gets the sense of accomplishment in bringing ‘emptiness out of perfection and bringing things from emptiness to perfection’.