Rahat Rahman is a man known for his directorial work in some eccentric telefilms and TVCs the citizens of Dhaka have seen since early 2012. That being said, Rahat’s notoriety is defined through his youtube channel ButtFiXx. A channel that focuses on various aspects of Pop culture.

From commentary videos on trending series to satirical breakdowns of Bangla cinema plots, his charm and humour have garnered a massive cult following of the netizens of the ever-awake city.

When asked about his mill of inspiration, the filmmaker shared that he gets inspired by bits of many things. As long as it is interesting enough to him, he will summon his inspiration to create his depiction of art.

Speaking of art, his aforementioned content of satirical breakdowns of Bangla cinema plots is nothing short of the comparison. As an avid viewer of his Cinemaal content, I can say that it consists of tons of references to Pop cultures from various periods since the 80’s to current times cleverly and hilariously placed throughout his content. Being so intrigued by his content, I asked about his process of making such videos, the storyteller adds, “In the simplest term, there are two aspects when it comes to making such content. One is the natural aspect which is a random shower of thoughts and the other is the mechanical one. Placing the right joke or reference is all a part of the mechanical aspect. The final product is materialised after, many if not countless, attempts of perfecting the content. I am very self-critical.”

He further explained his process by adding that after being exposed to a material that he would want to make his content from, he looks for inspiration and the framework.
If you have seen his videos, it wouldn’t take you a minute to appreciate his prowess in retaining his clever references to pop culture. However, when asked about his prowess he had something else to say, “I do like watching series and movies but watching all them is not possible for me. That being said, I do a lot of research in the preproduction of a video. On the contrary to popular belief, the jokes are not always natural.”

The content creator now plans on moving on to his next genre of content and believes that creating a similar type of content will only be an obstacle against his journey of creativity. “I don’t want to feel like I am repeating my work further down the line in my career. Making content is an ever-growing process and I want to focus on that,” the director adds. He plans on introducing new content in the future however those plans have yet not left the storyboard in his mind.

As my last question about the importance of satire was directed towards the fascinating individual he added, “Audience from any region of the world will grow mature intellectually if they are provided with hard topics in a subtle manner. Satire has proven to be an effective eye-opener on many occasions, it hits people in their most abstruse level with a long-lasting effect. I believe it can bring an actual change in people,” the director and the creator of ButtFiXx concludes.

K Tanzeel Zaman, Subeditor of ICE Today Magazine. He is an avid traveler, aiming to fill up his passport and express his perspective of the world through his write-ups.