||Dhaka 18th August, 2020|| One of the most important products in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is the mask and the government has already made the use of masks compulsory and has emphasized the importance of using them properly. In this critical time, Classic Group came up with the world-famous brand Kenneth Cole New York’s 6-layer anti-bacterial mask. The most striking feature of this mask is that the mask can be washed and used up to 30 times according to the rules. The mask can be found on the popular e-commerce site Daraz and Click N Shop.

This mask can maintain the correct position in all movements after covering most of the face. This lightweight and the comfortable fabric-rich mask is easier to breathe than other masks on the market. The bacterial and viral filtration facility of this mask by Kenneth Cole can prevent more than 95 percent of viruses and bacteria. The PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency) of the mask also traps very small particles in the sub-micron level.

The innermost layer of this 6-layer mask has a moisture-controlling antibacterial finishing inner layer. It has a span bond layer on it, which provides fluid protection. It is followed by two melt-blown layers that are capable of trapping antibacterial and tiny particles in the air. This is followed by another span bond layer and a moisture-regulating antibacterial finishing outer layer.

In this regard, Classic Group’s, Director, Md. Irfan Azim said, “At present, the supply is insufficient compared to the demand for good quality masks, and the market is flooded with counterfeit and low-quality masks. Therefore, realizing the needs and requirements of the customers, we have decided to bring this mask which can be purchased by the customers by staying at home and they can easily order online and get the mask at affordable prices.”

Pertinent to mention that Kenneth Cole New York has been admired in the fashion industry for almost 35 years.

Their goal is to produce products that can be used for a long time while maintaining the highest quality. Kenneth Cole New York once again reflected their goal by launching a high-quality reusable mask in this pandemic.