Shusmita Anis’ new music video, coming out July 17, follows the blossoming romance of a young college couple. The scenic city shots evoke the nostalgia of pre-lockdown times and remind us of the spontaneity and excitement of love and normal life.

Ghum Hote Chai, from her album Chena Shohor, is an upbeat song. There’s a lightness to the lyrics and melody, and the music video, directed by Taneem Rahman Angshu and shot in Kolkata, reflects that.

A girl (Kaushambi Chakraborty) is unsure the boy she’s interested in (Aadil Sultan) returns her affection. As he teases her, she professes her devotion, singing, “When I look at you, I forget everything … I want to be the sleep in your eyes (Tomar chokhe ghum hote chai).”

Ghum Hote Chai is written by Suhrid Sufian, with tune and composition by Kolkata’s Joy Sarkar, released under New Music Paradigm Company.

“We’re all craving human connection nowadays. That’s what’s keeping us alive — the hope that something better is coming and we can resume a normal life,” Anis said. “I hope Ghum Hote Chai allows people to forget lockdown and remember lighter, happier times of connection and teenage love.”

In a time when we cannot freely see our loved ones, this sentiment resonates even more. Watch the video on her YouTube channel and stream the album on all digital platforms.